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Probably a stupid question, but can I use this to easily secure a downloads page, but nothing else? We just want people to enter a user/password for our templates directory.


Yes, you can use it to do that, when a valid login occurs, you create a session variable and redirect to the download page.

Thanks…will have to check if our web designer knows how to do this. Will purchase soon. Have a great day.!

Is there any docs to implement it on WP? I hope I can buy it if know how to use it in my WP. thanks.

Hi, Can you send me an email, I will send you a Beta Version that I’m currently working on.

So, I hope this works for you.

I just sent an email to your email address. Your gmail.Thanks

Please, use my profile, I don’t get the mail


When i tried login with my Username and Password it redirects me to “xxx.de/wp-login.php?l=1”

Is this an error?! i need help

Are you using the WordPress Version or HTML Version?

Hi, i just bought the plugging but it is giving me errors after uploading

1. Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/content/49/9578149/html/xgkeporeas/wp-content/plugins/klerith-metro-login/metro_login.php:756) in /home/content/49/9578149/html/xgkeporeas/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 1121

2. the picture is not uploading while trying to change the avatar .

Hi, right now I’m uploading an update, I have this problem fix. (assuming is the same)

Check the plugin code, remove the 2 blank spaces at the bottom of the file.

Also, you can send me a message using my profile and I will send you the new code



I am trying to create a login section were the password is checked through the database as there are over 5000 passwords. can this be done? if not could you recommend a plugin that will achieve this?



Metro Login has no problem at all to check in a DB over 5000 passwords, that is not a problem.

This product is a “Login Template” that also give you access to an easy php file where you get the login values.

Is up to you, to check your Database. 5000 users, is not a problem for Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, Postgre..

Hi there, just bought this nice login page. I just need the template without any check, cause the page needs to reffer to direct login url. (its /index.php?module=Users&action=Login) So how to deactivate the creditentials check from metrologin.js ?

thanks ins advance

I see, sure, I can create a custom one, just send me a message using my profile

hello, l have purchased this, it’s great, but, it’s not fonctionnal for me. my login page is “account-login.php” not “index.php .. if l use “index.php” it’s fonctionnal but l can’t use this. l’ve already a complete site with “account-login.php” “account-logout.php” “account-signup.php” etc.. l dont know how

I see your example, and in the account-login.php, looks like you miss the “style.css” reference, I think that all you miss.

Make sure of that reference, in the loginCheck.php, you can do your custom check and return respective value.

BTW, you just can rename the index.html that is inside the “2. Files” to “account-login.php”, but make sure to copy the folders, because are required to work like expected

yes it’s ok, it works .. how I could not see. thank you very much , I’m going to continue the integration

Great news!!! Good luck Steph!

Hi Far,

I am looking for a login and register solution for a php site and would like to use my existing WP database. Is this the solution for my requirement? It would be great to be able to assign role as well. Thanks

Hi, this plugin contains a version for WP, that change the look of the default wp login screen and password recovery, but do not change the register screen.

If this doesn’t work you can ask for a refund, and if Envato doesn’t give you that, I can send you to a paypal account if you are not happy with the product.

Hi there!
I see that “welcome” page isn’t protected by this login/password form, so I can bypass the login form and go to the “welcome” page directly. Is this a bug or..?

No Renji,

Metro Login what it does, is create a login screen like windows 8-10… The values from the login are send to a php file, where you can create a custom validation.

The second page is something just to say you move to one page to the other.. I know is not protected, because I do not set a session variable.


I will like to redirect the index page to another page of my site. Can you tell me where to do so, please.

Thank you,

where in the files ?

Okay. Can you put also the possibility to login with Social thing? Like Google FB

Sorry, but I can’t do that that easy, because FB and Google need a developer account, authentication toke and other stuff that needs to be configured per application :(

Can we disable the wallpaper and time date. And have just the login with out having to click. how

Well, to disable the time, just remove/comment the time in the HTML, that is pretty simple todo.

Now, the wallpaper is something else, if you want to remove the click functionality, is not possible, I will need to edit some code. now, change the wallpaper por a pain color is a simple task.

Can you tell me how to change the 24 hour time to a 12 hour timer?