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Nice. Good luck with sales :)

Ty Zalki

Really nice.

Pity it isn’t responsive.

It’s optimized for iPhone and iPad.

did you remove the codecanyon frame?

Great UI, maybe I will use this on my next project

Thank you for your comment Mahadji

Yes I did remove the codecanyon frame….both in IE and Firefox and it isn’t responsive.

Looking for a good Metro Style Menu and this looks really good.

Can I ask…..when you click a link….will the transition work going to any page?

Yes, Metro Launcher has a function that shows the transition before going to any page.

Really great product indeed. Just one suggestion. In your documentation list the boxes that you have defined, ie list the colours available, is a prominent place. They are buried a bit.

You are right Jim, sorry about that, I’m going to put it in the next update.

But you can see line 131 of MetroLauncher.css, the colors are in that place. You can create your custom colors there, Is important to do it in the css file, because, when you click and option and has a Link value, the loading screen will take the parent color class, and put it in the background.

Hi, Is this Wordpress compatible?

Well this is not designed for wp. But if you can add a simple page, you can use this.

Hi. Can this scroll vertically, ie. using the normal scrollbar? and is it possible to turn off the horzontal scrolll easily.

Umm, no Daz. Is not possible with the current version.

That’s a good feature for a possible update in the future.

Hi. I just bought it and I must say the menu is very fancy. Great animation when clicked and excellent job with the integration of font awesome icons. If anything I really struggle to make it responsive with bootstrap framework. Kindly could you help/advise?

Hi, I see you just ask me via Email, I will help over mail

why in the right side, I see some elements like settings gear which I can’t open it or just click it ?

And admin? No is not need, you will see ho easy is to create this launcher

I appreciate your support & your quick assistance, Klerith, if I ask a full lunch with tooltip, message, modal, notifications, and metro login&registration, I just need for website with metro style //OR// old windows version style, how does it cost & time ?

thank’s again for your prompt replays :bigsmile:

I see, unfortunately, I am able to do freelance jobs for the moment. Sorry, but I will help you with any issue or trouble you may have using my plugins.

how to make the title displaying also in a smaller screen? (responsive) Thank you!

Hi, the title has a class called “mdTitle”,

You can create a custom CSS using media Querys to change to the size you want.

Some information related to that can be found here: http://www.w3schools.com/cssref/css3_pr_mediaquery.asp

sweet! Thank you very much!!!

is there a way to make this run via just html and css, not with jquery or javascript

Sorry, but no, but I’m sure there is another like this with pure css.


koza95 Purchased

hello, is there any way to use images instead of font awesome icons?

Yes, you can, please check the documentation

Love this plugin but you can create it for wordpress, I and definitely thousands of people will buy.

Love this plugin but you can create it for wordpress, I and definitely thousands of people will buy.

Looks Great! Best of luck with sales