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i wish to buy .Presales : how can i put the small boxes only in the lower right side of the webpage .pls tell more about the placement of the boxes .

Hello, sorry for the delay, during weekends I usually go snowboarding, I believe I took the icons from http://modernuiicons.com/ . Best regards

pls can u send me a pm , i am facing thed issue in box placement

Hello, I can’t contact you, only authors can be contacted, please use the bottom-right form from my profile page to contact me: http://codecanyon.net/user/jayc , also please describe the problem or send me a link to your website, you might have forgot to close a tag, in which case you can check your HTML code either by URL or direct input here: http://validator.w3.org/


Just curious, but do you know how to randomize the initial presentation of these portfolio tiles on page load? Basically I want to show a different order as the tiles load.

Hello, sorry, no, basically you have to specify a percentage width for each item, this way you can arrange items nicely, if there will be a random display and the items would have different percentage, they won’t fit pretty well (visually), however, if you would have all the items let’s say at 33% percent, they would all fit and the random function would work but I did not implement this since was out of this gallery purpose.

Best of all.

Hi, i want to insert different effects for grid portfolio. I have see that i can’t insert because script don’t load, how i can insert for example a simple link in one box?

I want to insert link for example on this box:

div class=”metro_item w60” data-type=”video”

When i insert link i want that go to google, but if i insert in code don’t work.

Thanks! Pasquale

When you go to site i want to see for example 5 image with load more…when you click on image i want to use my lightbox for image or video. Now i can insert html into file js but html is standard how i can insert in page and not in js?

Hello PasquiDesign, well I don’t think I can help you, seems to me that you need some custom work, which I do not provide, however if you can’t use the product, you can send me a message with your paypal email and I will offer you a refund, you can send me a message using the contact form from my profile page.

Best regards,

I think that you have not understood but there is no problem I do alone.

I want to buy this, but I am not sure does it support albums. I really like that feature for your Lunar JS gallery. Can you help ?

Hello, sorry it does not, check out the WP version of my Lunar plugin. Regards,

Hello, I want to buy this or something similar. I’m looking to integrate into multiple Magento landing pages. If I add the js and css to my current library then can I repeat this implementation throughout many landing pages and control each page’s content through its respective html?

I understand I’d probably need different classes if I wanted to customize things between pages, but overall will this work?

Hello, yes it would work, however, tell you the truth I don’t believe it would be a good idea, the time that you might lose would not worth it. Also I don’t know anything about Magento, so I could not help you a bit.


Hmm, can I email you through support to chat a bit more about this? I’d like to show you a test page I made and get your opinion.

Hello, I got your message and replayed. Cheers!


Plugin looks great. Quick question: does it support use on mobile/tablet/ipad?


Hello, yes, please check it out form a mobile device. Regards,

Hi – I have purchased this plug-in. I am trying to load the data from JSON. Is it possible?

Hi – I’m trying to get the plugin to work with data from JSON using Knockout JS … does it support JSON?

My purchase code is: 3a9b8046-3e36-40b8-b98e-4106069a0ccb


Hello, sorry for the delay, it does not support JSON, I did it the way it is so it would be easy for the user to add items, also for SEO purposes, you could write an adapter, basically you need to stop initializing the gallery on document ready ( http://share.pho.to/9dA9E ), pull down the data from JSON, write the HTML with jQuery, that initialize the gallery. Regards,

Is it possible to have infinite scroll load instead of clicking the button to load more items?

Hello, the answer is no, I wanted to implement this but it was buggy on some mobile browsers (could not detect the exact scroll position of the page), so I have decided the safest way would be a button. Regards,

Class metro_item_inside seems to have some extra margin at the bottom when the images are stacking. I wasn’t able to override this in the css either. Am I missing something?


I believe this could be fixed from CSS, it’s most common if your theme uses Bootstrap, could you please send me the link to the page? ( I have also replied to your email)


hi I dont want load more.. I want to load all pictures. what must I do. thank you sinceraly

Hello, checkout out the documentation http://sakuraplugins.com/docs/metro-js-documentation/ , you can specify how many items are being loaded at the start ex: “data-initialload=”3”“

Great Plugin! It work great and could be more great if in next release instead to have to click on LOAD MORE button to load more images you have only to scroll to bottom page in similar way to google images engine!

Hello scippy, Thank you! The reason I did not implement “load more ” based on page scroll is: Not all mobile devices handle pretty well browser scroll events, which will open the door for possible, hard to test problems. Regards,

Yes sure you’re right, but if you implement it I can choose if use it or no, also I could use it in association with LOAD MORE button in this way where the events are not right handled I can use the button and where is handle fine it is automatically scrolled! Regards

Excellent GLWS

Thx! :), u too


scippy Purchased

Hi, on your plugin examples is described how to add caption on the gallery grid, but how I can do to show caption also in slide show? When I click on the image to open the slide show then I’m no more able to see caption! Thanks for your help.

hello scippy, I’m sorry it’s not possible by default, it needs a bit of work, if you cant use the plugin, please make a refund request, I will approve it. Regards,


scippy Purchased

Thanks, it’s the same a great plugin. you can still keep it in mind for future improvement.

hi, OK , I will :)