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Awesome work. Good luck :)

Thanks a lot for wishing.

bookmarded! ..I will buy it soon!

Thanks.Hope you will like it.

Howdy DEV, awesome app you have here and a great idea. i really needed this. 5 stars for you and 5 more for the app :) Will reply here new ideas and hope you’ll come up with more features in the future.

wow thats a very inspirational feedback. thanks a lot for your generous comment and always feel free to share your views and ideas with us and we will definitely try to come up with new apps and more features in future. Please rate this app and help us with your feedback. Thanks again.


whats the output file extension?

Just bought, thx. can you tell me when adding fonts freom my library, what settings to choose for character map (unicode, western etc) is your software TTF or Open type compatible. As I have found that f my other custom display fonts in my library show up as just text in your software when copied across. Wondering if there is a setting which may fix this.

sorry (freom = from) typos (f =if)

This software was designed to take advantage of ‘Seoge UI Symbol’ font, any character or mark you see on an icon is rendered using only that font. So, there is no way to customize font right now, however, We will soon update this application to support any fonts from your computer so that you can design beautiful metro icons with your existing fonts (both TrueType and OpenType compatible). Thanks for your valuable feedback. :)

Welcome to the Canyon and nice work! This item should be priced higher as it looks very useful for non designers to create simple icons. Since support usually sends the request to the reviewer, I normally submit an update for the application and then in the reviewer comments you can ask for an increase and put a couple of reasons why.

Good luck with sales!

We are really thankful for the greeting and appreciation. Definitely we will keep in mind your suggestion next time when we submit any request to the reviewer. But we are really happy with the pricing as long as people like our concept and work. :)

Hey there, Great work and definitely worth $5`s but you forgot that most of the developers and designers use mac`s these days. It would be great to have a mac version of this. Not only for us but for your sales too :)

It didn’t hit my brain until now! but thanks for the advice. Will develop a Mac version the next time I get my hands on a Mac :)

Windows 10 compatible? or can I make metro icons for windows 10

Yes, it is compatible with Windows 10.

Great work! Good luck with sales! Looks clean and unique.