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Hello, in this applicationwe cant edit the replies or tickets?


You may not edit your tickets or replies, as this would make them not coincide with the emails sent.


¿Se puede instalar con PHP 5.5.23, MySQL 5.X?

¿es una aplicación independiente o se tiene que instalar con Joomla u otra aplicación?



Si, se puede instalar con PHP 5.5.x y MySQL 5.x Es una aplicación PHP nativa, no necesita de ninguna otra aplicación.


Gracias por responder… ¿Dónde descargo ó veo el instructivo de instalación?

La documentaciòn se encuentra junto con el producto y puede verla al descargar el producto luego de la compra. La instalaciòn es muy sencilla: sólo crear una base de datos, subir los archivos por FTP y ejecutar /install.php


La documentaciòn se encuentra junto con el producto y puede verla al descargar el producto luego de la compra. La instalaciòn es muy sencilla: sólo crear una base de datos, subir los archivos por FTP y ejecutar /install.php


Otras dudas:

- ¿La licencia es de por vida? - ¿solo hago un solo pago? - ¿Las actualizaciones están incluidas o hay que pagar por ellas? - El programa es mío o solo es rentado?

Nosotros no vendemos el programa, lo vende Envato a través de su sitio codecanyon.net Por favor lea la licencia en este sitio. Gracias

When client opens a new ticket, is an operator within the chosen department automatically assigned or does the entire department get assigned. My sales team works on commission so if they can all view and reply to a ticket that can make for a very bad user experience.

The entire department get assigned

Hi @author,

I sent you a message.

Hi, Thanks for the nice script. We are happy till now, but may be we are missing something from this script, like user profile picture. Is it possible to add user profile picture or import from Gravatar. Thanks

You have not bought the script. Where did he get it?

Salve, la parte degli Annunci in Italiano non funziona. Se cerco di inserire un Annuncio, mi ricarica la pagina in bianco, mentre in Inglese Funziona tutto

Si noti che è necessario inserire gli annunci in italiano precedenza cambiare la lingua da italiano. Se i problemi persistono, aprire un ticket di supporto http://support.factorsoft.org meglio in dettaglio il problema.


hi i have a couple of problems, 1. when someone submits a ticket that get an email but we don.t to let us know there is on, 2 when i reply to a ticket it always says “not read by client” even if they have. any ideas?

1) You can edit the templates from Support> Email templates.

2) The customer must read the ticket from the system. Perhaps the client only read the email, without entering see the ticket.

1. The emails send to client, but not to any department to notify us that a ticket has been created or responded to

2. the Not read by client does not disappear even if the client goes in and reads it in the system.

i have tested it and these two things do not work.


1) when a customer open or answer a ticket, an email sent to the department. 2) Yes, the ticket is marked as read.

We use the same script for support, and runs smoothly.

Please open a support ticket in www.factorysoft.org and send data of access to Metro HelpDesk.


I need to make 5 emails in 1 department, how to make it?


Each department can have a unique email address.

Have all the bugs been worked out, I see there hasn’t been an update in a while. I’d to buy it but there are many complaints.

The script does not have any known bug.

hello tell me where and password. I want to install on my localhost thank you

Hi, Could you explain better your question? Thank you

I want to install support tickets on my computer in my localhost tells me how the password. So I can make installation on my computer. Thank you

Asks the password for the database that you must create before.

Question pre-sale the manual add video?

Perdon he visto que responden en español, sere mas especifico ya que no hablo ingles, la consulta puntual es si cuando se arman manuales se pueden utilizar videos para insertarlos dentro del manual y si estos se pueden reproducir en consecuencia al visualizar el manual o pagina determinada en algun capitulo o pagina especifica…. gracias quedo a la espera

Hola: Sí, puedes insertar videos dentro de las páginas de los manuales. Puedes usar la demo para realizar pruebas.

I need to know before I buy this script that whether your system support envato license verification?

Also does it support live chat?


This script already support envato license verification. Not support live chat


hi do you support php 7.0 ? thanks


I have not tried the script in PHP 7

Should config.php be empty? my installation isn’t working it says MySQL not available

Yes, the config.php file must be empty before running install.php


gopuvkm Purchased

We have purchased the system. Please note that piping email is not working

There is no ticket opened by you.


gopuvkm Purchased

We have opened the ticket. Please check

Yes, we see that you just opened a ticket.

Can we have multiple email piping. As in if a person sends email to abc@xyz.com then it gets assigned to this department and if it sends email to def@xyz.com then it gets assigned to different department?

department1—> email1

department2—> email2

department3—> email3