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Any advance on this being available as a plugin for Wordpress?

No, ICTEvangelist. Sorry, no future plan for that, Only Metro Login has it own WP version

Thanks for the quick response. That’s a shame as I’d purchase it in a heartbeat. It’s just what I’m looking for. Can’t find anything else as slick.

Sorry, that’s because my knolage of WP is not good enough, but if you can add some javascript code, you can use it., because you just need to call the function that fires the banner

New Release Version 2

-Style improved
-Javascript animation to a better performance when is possible
-Push body available ( Finally) on all the sizes
-You can set an array of HTML content or Text to create a quick slideshow banner
-Timeup functions improved
-Color array available, if you want to change color dynamically
-Login UI improved
-New properties added
-New tutorials

HI, I have wordpress site.. I dont understand your products yet.. How to install and how to you use it.


Hi, Anhkt.

Only Metro Login has an option directly for WP, the rest, works by uploading the files to your server, referring those files inside your page and call the plugin. Here’s the Documentation http://www.tucancode.com/codecanyon/MetroBanner/documentation/

Can the banner be opened when user enter website or they have to click first?

It can be open on click or any javascript event


I wanna use ” Metro Banner on bottom ” , can i use it with rss feeds.

Greats from Portugal


Hi, yes, it is possible, using the property “bottom”, but the info what you need to show, is something that you need to pass as parameter

Hi, I had a quick look at your documention but couldnt find any reference to a javascript event. Its a lovely plugin that we want to use on a html site…Is it easy to install as we want the popup to appear on each page when the page loads, but if they click to close it on one page, the cookies kick in and it wont appear again?


When the user click on the close button, you most create your cookie to prevent this modal appear again, but there is no property inside Metro Modal, that control when or not appear, because that is via a javascript call that you make


Hi, I have a question, Are the banners responsive to joomla? possible to insert images and can change the content?

Advance thanks for your replies.

Hi, well, I am not expert en Joomla, but the banner itself is responsive , it is possible to insert html too, so you can add an image with a custom class, that can be adapted dynamically using CSS3 Media Query, so yes.

The HTML insertion has it own limitation, like you can’t insert HTML Form or javascript.

The script is nice but doesn’t feel complete. I had to modify the script to destroy the metro banner on close because it had a long startup time on re-opening again (due to the call to the close all method. mbIsOpen never gets set to false).

Also as far as I can see, there’s no way to just close one metro banner, you have to close all at once.