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hi there, thx for bringing this brilliant nav. just one tiny modification im looking forward to: in the case of making .main-tile and .sub-tile “background-color” attribute to be transparent, then all the animations and functions are still working when u click all the items of nav, without that the “first” item of the nav does not slide/fade away.

im not quite familiar with js..

could u please do me a favor according to my need? that is to hide (in whatever way) the “first” item when clicking the rest of items.

Hi, Thank you very much for purchasing this product. I’m not quite sure what you are trying to implement. Can you please mail me with your web link at my mail address ? You’ll find my mail address in document file (don’t share your link here). Please feel free to contact me. I’ll be glad to help you :) Thank you again, Sk.

Is this script fully responsive?

Thanks in advance,


Thanks for your interest. You are currently viewing version 1.1 of MetNav and its not fully responsive. But I’ve plan to make it responsive in the near future.
But if you are good with CSS then I think you can make it responsive. The JavaScript code is written in a manner so that you can modify it freely.
If you find any problem implementing it or need any custom change in the existing code then let me know. I’ll be glad to help you.

Thank you again for you interest :)

I was having issues with the up-icon.png(arrow) being oversized for a split second before correcting itself on every tile. I changed line 74 of jquery.metnav.js to the below…

$("<img class="openSubMenu" style="height:11px;width=27px" src="theme/images/up-icon.png" alt="" />").appendTo(this);

now it works properly for me so I thought I’d share that.


Thank you very much for your contribution and nice approach to help this plugin. I think it will be better if you give height and width to “openSubMenu” class in MetNav.css file. That’s the reason I have given that class so that anyone can modify that arrow from it. Can you please mail me with your link, then I can give you the best solution to your condition. Please don’t give me your link here. You’ll find my email address in the documentation.

Thank you very much for sharing this :)

Could this be used as a second menu (separate from the main menu with different pages) that is embedded into a page say with a shortcode.

No, it is actually not a wordpress plugin. But if you are good with wordpress then you can create custom code to use this plugin in your wordpress project.

probably outside my ability but thanks.

no problem at all :)


When loading the homepage….the navigation bar does not load completely until the page is done loading. Have you ever experienced this issue? If not, Do you have any idea of rectifying the problem? Thanks in advance.

Thank you very much for purchasing MetNav. I’m not sure what you’re talking about. But what I can guess is, the metnav js may be loading a bit later. Can you please give me some detail about this issue, may be a screen shot of the issue. Also please mail me your detail information. You’ll find my mail address on the documentation file. Please don’t share your information here. Thank you.

hi sk.

I’d like to buy this great plugin. however, what does the animation look like when there are many tiles(more than 5 for example). Would they be responsive and wrap to the next row? Would that affect how the horizontal animation works? thanks for your answers. Lastly, can the tiles be made larger ? through css? brandon

Thanks for you interest on MetNav. Currently MetNav is not responsive. Yes you can make the tiles big through css. :)

Excellent job bro =)

Thanks :)