MetNav- A jQuery navigation menu based on Metro UI

MetNav- A jQuery navigation menu based on Metro UI

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MetNav is a jQuery navigation menu plugin based on Window 8 Metro theme. It’s very lightweight and works well on most of the major browser. It follows the main feature of Metro which is live tiles and support unlimited content in the tiles. This plugin is dedicated to all Metro lover in the world.

For any information write on jEffectBox’s Facebook page.

Main Features

  • Supports sliding images, news ticker etc. in each menu.
  • Supports unlimited content to animate inside each menu.
  • Very lightweight, only 6KB of Javascript.(minified version is 4KB)
  • Control time duration of sliding animation.
  • Control how your submenu will hide. There are two options, hide submenu on mouse out from plugin area or hide by clicking outside plugin area.
  • Control easing effect of each animation. You can activate or deactivate easing effects.
  • Supports a paragraph content inside menu.
  • Control appearance through CSS, so it can be restyled.
  • Supports touch devices.
  • Specially develoved for Windows 8 lovers.

Download file includes:

  1. Two templates showing the use of MetNav including the template shown in the live preview.
  2. Library, where you’ll get jquery.metnav.js, jquery.metnav.min.js, metnav.css and one image folder.
  3. Documentation, where you’ll find detail functionality of this plugin. This documentation also give detail tutorial on how you can easily integrate this plugin into your website. Also you’ll find one quick start guide to quickly integrate this plugin into your website.

Version 1.1

  • Added easing effect. You can control whether easing effect is on or off.
  • Added another new template. That means user will get two templates with download package where the use of MetNav is shown.

Version 1.0

Initial release.