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Interesting concept! Good luck with sale.

Looks interesting


When you mouse over products, then nokia, then try to mouse over blackberry, the menu sucks back up.

I understand what it’s doing, but it seems like the wrong animation to be doing, since you lose your place in the menu if you mouse over items in the wrong order.

Thank you very much for your observation. Actually its happening because when your mouse is out from Nokia then all the sub menu of Nokia is sliding up and because blackberry has no sub menu so the overall height is decreasing. :)

Please check the demo again. I’ve updated the plugin and given a solution to solve that mouse over issue and let me know. Thanks ;)

I agree with Gutspiller’s comments and would purchase if that issue can be corrected. It is counter intuitive and difficult to click on the blackberry link by itself. Very nice interface with this one exception. Please advise if there is any way to mitigate this issue. thanks

Well done…and just purchased! Thanks

Sent you an email a couple of days ago re:the instructions and needed files to include. Response??

I replied you from my mail couple of days ago to your mail address: Can you please check again. I’m sending it again. Thanks :)

hi sk.

can this menu have multiple levels? that is, not just parent>sibling, but parent>sibling>sibling> 3 to 5 levels down? Like a tree structure. thx, brandon

Thank you for you interest. This menu supports maximum 3 levels. Menu title > Sub Menu > Sub Sub Menu.. Let me know if you have any other question.
Thank you.

can i integrate this menu with wordpress ?

Thanks for your interest. This is not a wordpress plugin but if you are a good wordpress developer then you can integrate this to your wordpress site. There are many resources in internet showing how you can integrate jquery plugin in your wordpress site. You can check them out.
Again thanks for your interest :)

Hello this menu doesn’t seem to be supported on Internet Explorer and on safari as the javascript doesn’t kick in on these browsers. Is there any reason why this is happening? Please respond asap.

Thank you very much for purchasing MetNav 2. Can you please tell me the version of your IE and Safari. I don’t see any problem. Please send me your browser version and a screenshot on my email address. You’ll find my email address on the documentation.
Thank you again,

I notice on IE 11 when you are using a touch screen the menu does not work if you touch it shows sub menu then goes away.. works great on my firefox any idea why this doesnt work? would like to purchase this and use on our sharepoint site but i do have users who have touch and sharepoint likes IE better

Ok cool I may purchase now so if you need help testing let me know I have a few devices I can test on

Thank you for purchasing. Can you please send me a mail from your email address? So that I can communicate with you. You’ll find my mail address in the documentation file.
Thanks again :)

Can you please send me an email from your email address? I’ve given a solution for this issue and preparing my files to update the script in CodeCanyon which might take several days to prepare and approve. I can send you the script to your email so that you can continue developing and testing your project.
Let me know.

Is this a wordpress plugin

Thank you for your interest on MetNav2. It is not a wordpress plugin, it’s a jquery plugin. But if you are good in wordpress then you can use MetNav2 in your wordpress project. There are many resources/tutorial on internet which shows how to use jquery plugin in wordpress project. Let me know if you have any other queries.
Thank you.

Hi, I have a problem on this menu. When I come back on a tile, some link as disapear or only a part of the submenu appear. Have you ever seen this problem?

Thanks for purchasing my plugin. Can you please email me with any link or screenshot? You’ll find my email address in document file.
Thanks :)

I just send you an email with a small video. Thanks for you help.

Yes!! Got it. We’ll get back to you soon :)
Thank you.

Does this menu have an active state?

Hi, thanks for you interest on this product. It don’t have active like that but on hover it will be active always. Let me know if you have any other queries. Thanks.