Metis - Team Collaboration and Project Management Platform

Metis - Team Collaboration and Project Management Platform

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Easy and Clear Interface

Mention to grab someone’s attention

Details makes you focus on your work, more than trying to figure out how this thing works

Clear Insights

  • Tasks
    Create tasks, assign them to yourself or a teammate.
  • Teams
    Create Teams, assign users to one or more than one team, create tasks and section privately for this team.
  • Projects
    Organize tasks into projects, assign them to yourself or a teammate.
  • Private Projects
    Limit access to any project, create projects that consist of specific teams or specific members, or make it public to all teams.
  • Kanban View
    Get an easy Visual of all work with our Kanban view.
  • Assign a task
    Assign a task to a specefic person, and this person will be notified.
  • Due dates
    Set a due date for a task to ensure that it gets completed on time.
  • Task Comments
    Comment on tasks, clarify what you need in this task or ask questions about task progress.
  • Task Attachments
    Attach documents, files, images, contact cards and anything to a task comment.
  • Share a location
    You can attach locations in task comments so members can know where the tasks taking place. Useful for meeting places or support locations. Integrated with Google Maps API.
  • #Tags
    Filter tasks by hashtags, or Explore new tasks by hashtags.
  • @Mentions
    Grab someone’s attention by mentioning them in a task comment.
  • Likes
    Say thanks, agree on a task comment with a like..
  • My Assigned Tasks
    Easily get a quick list of tasks assigned to you with their due date.
  • Tasks Archive
    Archive done tasks and focus on the new ones, while being able to restore old archived tasks.
  • Due Dates Calendar
    See list of tasks on a calendar to get a clear view about their due dates.
  • Insights
    Quickly reach insights and track progress of a team or project, see how many tasks were done this week and how many are pending and how many are overdue.
  • &More
    Even more features are planned and coming…


Change Log

Version 1.1.2 [4 November 2017 ]
[+] Added full-screen mode , allows you to open task comments in full screen instead of sidebar
[+] Now you can add subtasks from main view
[+] Subtasks are now synchronized better 
[+] You can mark subtasks as done from main view
[+] You can add Custom CSS in theme section
Version 1.1.1 [16 October 2017 ]
[+] Multi-Language support, includes XML language export/import and an easy translator
[*] Various bugfixes and small UI updates
Version 1.1.0 [ 6 October 2017 ]
[*] Bugfixes
Version 1.0.9 [ 3 October 2017 ]
[+] Task snooze
[+] Filter tasks on status/unassigned/no dates/..
[+] Now you can archive a project
[+] More API endpoints
[+] Added Keyboard shortcuts
[*] IE Bugfix along with other bug fixes
Version 1.0.8 [ 27 September 2017 ]
[+] New UI for Login/Reset password page
[+] Subtasks are now minimally shown before opening the task
[*] Bug fix for project delete
Version 1.0.7 [ 24 September 2017 ]
[+] Subtasks | Add subtasks to a task and set subtask due date/assign , API is reflected to include subtasks as well.
[+] Permalinks, copy a direct link to the task
[*] Bugfixes and improvements
Version 1.0.6 [ 15 September 2017 ]
[+] You can easily access Files and Project progress in a new menu inside any Project
[+] Now you can search task chat history
[+] You can paste images/screenshots from clipboard into task attachments, Supported by Modern browsers
[+] Ability to import project templates into an already created project
[+] In Stacked view you can now control spacing between sections
[+] Added Attachments Endpoints to API
[*] Few bug fixes
Version 1.0.5 [ 8 September 2017 ]
[+] Added "Image Preview" to image attachments 
[+] Added "OAuth Tokens" , with limited user access to API - Can be enabled/disabled
[+] Added Start of week options
[+] Added Night mode option
[+] Added Automatic, one click updates for the next versions
[*] Slight Improvements/bugfixes 
Version 1.0.4 [ 1 September 2017 ]
[+] Added RESTful API Support
[+] Added User Invites
[*] Slight UI Improvements
Version 1.0.3 [ 25 August 2017 ]
[+] Project Template - Now you can save a project template and use it to create another project with same tasks
[+] Client Relationship - You can add a "Client" type that is able to read tasks and comment on them only, useful for when you want your clients to watch your progress while working
[*] Bugfixes and improvements
Version 1.0.2 [ 17 August 2017 ]
[*] Fix for mobile view
[*] Fix missing options in Projects
Version 1.0.1 [ 15 August 2017 ]
[*] Fix for users running without mysql native driver
Version 1.0.0 [ 14 August 2017 ]
[+] Inital Release