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Good afternoon. The chat happens on the WordPress website or on the Facebook page? And is it possible to support multiple pages in Facebook, if the Facebook, or accounts in the plugin?

Hi, this is a Facebook Messenger Bot that means bot start chat with people at Facebook Page.This plugin makes easy to manage your website and integrate with Facebook Messenger Bot. You can manage your bot from Wordpress Backend. It isn’t support multiple pages in Facebook.

Hi, can your bot also support the fetch of news articles on wordpress site or only for commerce products?

Hi, bot supports both of them. Posts,post categories, products and product categories are automaticly fetch on system.

Also any plans for it to become more Ai? Like learning what people are inputing?

I have some plans but i can’t have enough time because of my business schedule.

I have issued a refund. Check your notification.

It just a waste of time to argue here. And yes, it’s CodeCanyon decision. Just FYI, refund policy not just including malicious code but also bad support.

The price are INCLUDED support and not just the code.

Your unprofessional act here can be use as argument in dispute.

I won’t say so much anymore and I think you should focus your time more on solving compared to arguing with customer.

Win or not, I have done my job as customer. I can give you 190usd, but good support is priceless.

Good luck on your next customer.

And congrats. You just give a “perfect” impression and real example.

Unprofessional act after 2 months of service + bad review and refund request. Dont be silly.


The situation is very easy. Everything is at record. Your system has problem with ANOTHER PLUGIN. Other plugin causes FATAL ERROR. Fix it and then come and tell me about my code and my professionality. But you didnt solve your problem and still sending bad reputation without any knowledge and any solution.

Thats all. I know my self i dont have any concern about my clients. This response is for kind of clients like you. Don’t concert about my impression.

Thanks for “silly” award for me as your customer.

As I mention just now. I don’t mind if CodeCanyon won’t refund me, but my intention is for a better CodeCanyon community.

Yes, of course, you recorded everything. That’s actually your job. Congratulation on that. As developer, will you see a problem as challenge to solve or a problem that you should ignore and non of your business?

Yes, I have no knowledge on coding. If I know, I won’t come to CodeCanyon and do my coding all by myself. Thanks to CodeCanyon for great community. Actually before I give review, you may check your previous support inbox and comment. My previous comment here are left un-replied.

“Thats all. I know my self i dont have any concern about my clients. This response is for kind of clients like you. Don’t concert about my impression.” 1. I guess you are typing too fast emotionally and spell “concert” instead “concern”. It’s okay. Forgiven. 2. But this attitude will eventually bring bad result to yourself someday. I feel pity and sorry because you come here to make money, but now you chasing your customer away.

I wonder, did anyone remark about your attitude.

Good luck in your life.

Does the script work with an already setup bot with nodejs and a NLP ? As to implement the script in the nodejs code.

Can you offer support or guidence on that ?

Hi, I like your app. Can you integrate with Magento 2 store?

Hi, for now it is not avaible.

It’s possible save users and send message to users?

For not it is not possible. I am coding the new version now and i add saving users with statistics. I try to make it real asap.

Has a plugin similar to yours that promises to do what I questioned above. I already bought, I will do the tests and that I can give of suggestion I will give. hugs

Messenger Advisor Bot always not show my “Published” products.

Hello, Can this plugin work with custom post type ? Thank you


alkum Purchased

Hi, it´s ideal your plugin, but are you at day with updates?

Hi, i must make some common changes on system. Because of this my updates are late. I try to make all updates asap. sorry for delay. but it will be soon.


alkum Purchased

On your update, can include to show from database items from wordpress (like other categories, posts, from specifiy templates, not the default pages and posts), without using woocommerce?

I will try to make it work with all plugins but it is not avaible for near update. I will include user management and statistic to system for now.


romedia Purchased

the plugin works only by sending my self messages (as app admin). I’m trying already by 10 hours to make it work but it doesnt respond to any body. The app is public, without any item submitted to facebook for approval.

Please advice or refund


romedia Purchased

Yes it does. The issue is that after I click the number (the option), the answer doesn’t come back. Instead, I get the message as an unknown word (the text that users receive when they write something unrecognizable )

Maybe special character issue? Can i see a working example? Or explain with real action values please.


romedia Purchased

Please check the email ( I can add you as developer / tester in this app

Hi, is it possible to call a json API (POST) following a message from bot user ? tks

No , it is not avaible

can this plugin/bot send custom post types pages via messenger? or only woocommerce products and blog posts?

for example my wordpress site is about job listings, and jobs are implemented as a custom taxonomy post. can your bot support this?

This plugin reads all posts in posts tables. If your plugin uses posts table plugin can see the items.


majcfr Purchased

Hey there! I´m looking forward to buying this plugin as it fits exactly my needs.

However I have to ensure that it will stay updated. When will you integrate woocommerce 3.0 compatibility?


I update the demo system to wordpress 4.7.5 and woocommerce 3.0.7 and there is no need to upgrade to work the plugin with the current wordpress and woocommerce version. You can test it.

Nice, i´m gonna buy and test the plugin today. Gonna let you know if there are any eventual questions.