Messenger Advisor - Messenger Chat Bot for Wordpress

Messenger Advisor - Messenger Chat Bot for Wordpress

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Move your site to Facebook Messenger

The Messenger Platform gives you the ability to have conversations with people on Messenger. With Facebook Messenger’s new bot feature you can create a custom experience for your unique audience.

Why Messenger Advisor

Bots for Messenger are for anyone who’s trying to reach people on mobile – no matter how big or small your company or idea is, or what problem you’re trying to solve. Whether you’re building apps or experiences to share weather updates, confirm reservations at a hotel, or send receipts from a recent purchase, bots make it possible for you to be more personal, more proactive, and more streamlined in the way that you interact with people.

Think of a message thread as the place where you connect and interact with your users. Build just one bot, and your experience is available on all platforms where Messenger exists, including iOS, Android, and web. It also removes the friction of your users having to download one more app, on top of all the apps they already have and may not use, given Messenger is now used by 900 million people every month.

Greeting Text

You can set a greeting for new conversations. This can be used to communicate your bot’s functionality.The Greeting Text is only rendered the first time the user interacts with a the Page on Messenger.Also greeting text must be UTF-8 and max. 160 character. You can set this function from Messenger Advisor Bot Panel at your Wordpress Website.

Persistent Menu

The Persistent Menu is a menu that is always available to the user. This menu should contain top-level actions that users can enact at any point. Having a persistent menu easily communicates the basic capabilities of your bot for first-time and returning users.The menu can be invoked by a user, by tapping on the 3-caret icon on the left of the composer.With this option your user can start chatting with bot without any messaging.

WooCommerce Integration

Messenger Advisor Bot has capacity to get all product categories and products from WooCommerce Platform. Facebook API has limitation with 10 generic items can be shown. But with Messenger Advisor Bot you can show your all products with “Load More” action.

Messenger Advisor is using generic templates while showing products and using quick replies while customer make a category selection.

Messenger Advisor Bot always show “Published” products.

Wordpress Posts Integration

Messenger Advisor Bot is integrated with Wordpress Posts. Everything is ready.You just teach your bot and magic happens.

Messenger Advisor Bot is using generic templates while showing posts and using quick replies while customer make a category selection.

Messenger Advisor Bot always show “Published” posts.

Send Audio

Facebook Messenger has ability to send audio to your customers. Messenger Advisor Bot is ready to send audio messages to customers. Just copy and paste your mp3 link. Thats all! Messenger Advisor Bot will response with an audio.Sending audio time can be longer than text message. It depends on given link server upload speed.Because Messenger first downloads then send.

Send Video

Facebook Messenger has ability to send video to your customers. This can be a birthday celebration message ,viral video or something else. You have ability to send Video with your Messenger Advisor Bot. Sending video is also like sending audio. Just paste your mp4 link and thats all you need. Facebook Messenger first downloads video and then send it to customer.This may take time while uploading video.

Send Document

Customers need to know your user agreement or maybe customer want to know your privacy policy or you have some offer templates to download or any other templates. You can send documents to your customer with Messenger Advisor Bot.Sending documents are also same as sending audio and video. This may take some time but Messenger Advisor Bot has ability to send your document to customers.

Demo Chat

You can chat with our “Messenger Advisor” bot here

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