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Hello, I notice that uses an old bootstrap version. Also, you can improve the user registration? Perhaps by inserting login with facebook?


thank you for notification. I don’t plan to add Facebook login feature in next few weeks.

Hello Do you have the same system for asp.net? could you please give me the another resource? thanks

Hello, no it’s only in PHP

i bought your script but i could not install it because it crashes. why ? also i add your skype already. please accept me.

Please, add me on skype with name eKrajnak

Can this plugin be configured so that the site admin can converse privately with individual users? Will it accommodate PDF or MP3 attachments in the messages? Those are the only functions I require…

Hello! based upon your reply, I purchased but the install failed. I uploaded the zip file into my Wordpress Plugins installer page as usual. The error message says: Installing Plugin from uploaded file: codecanyon-2871150-messaging-system.zip Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

Return to Plugins page

Please advise!

Never mind! my server tech installed it for me and it is working perfectly! Thanks!

Great! Please don’t forget it is not WordPress plugin.

hello , a question, want to know if they can chat as guests, without registering ? thanks

Hello, in this system there is NOT this feature.

you will have another characteristic that if you have that ?

Sorry, I don’t understand you

wouldbe interesting like a messenger, the possibility to add users and only chat with friends… not with all users..


yes in Messaging system is also private messaging system. It’s like Facebook chat. You need to type user name in bottom right corner to start private chating,.

Hi eKrajnak,

I recently purchased your Messaging system for a project I am working on and so far it has been great!

I have made some modifications to suit my needs such as image uploads displaying in the group and private chat feeds but I am also looking to add another feature and am a little stuck and was wondering if you could please point me in the right direction.

I would like to have the option to start a private chat by clicking on a ‘Private message’ button displayed inside the user_card.

I have created the button and have worked through the code but I just need to action the private message panel when this button is clicked.

If you could possibly provide a clue as to how I would achieve this via a button click it would be very much appreciated.

Thanks for the great work :)

Regards, Ozzix

Pre-sales: How can I make new messages show up below eachother instead of on top of eachother? So every new message turns up below the previous one. Thank you

Second question: On the preview I saw a delete button next to the usernames…. Is only the administrator allowed to delete chats, or also the users to delete or edit their own chats? thank you

If not, how can I change the script so users can delete their own messages?

Dear coder you did a very good job at this Exxelent im just wondering will you release more features / updates ?

Hi, is there any ways to change the sound player for an html5 one? Flash does’nt work on ios or if user not have flash installed.


I want to know how can I private message to someone



you need to type username of your friend in bottom right corner input field.

thanks!! great response!

Hi !, Is Messaging system compatible with php 5.6 ? thank you

Problem demo refresh message, Problem demo change avatar

Hi There,

Are you planning to update the plugin? Would like to purchase if there’s an update. The demo constantly goes to the login page when trying to message.


hello i can integrate this in my members section?not wordpress.


sri1985 Purchased

The site is not working on my mobile :(, Any idea why? Working perfectly on my desktop.