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Just bought the main script and want to buy this extra template, but there are 2 points that I prefer the default template. Can you tell me if they’re configurable or do I need to do lots of changes?:

  • In listing this theme shows one move per row while the default shows 6 something that I prefer. Eighter of 4 with search in sidebar, or 6 with search in top is ok for me
  • In movie page the actors list is using very small thumbs. Can it be like in default template?
  • I’m not fun of many sliders in one page, the top big is fine, so I prefer all those “Top”, “New” etc to be standard as in default template, with a padding between thumbnails. In simile words as in default template.

Thank you


You can change between pages of mercury and original theme, you could have mercury homepage and original movies/series page for example.

Besides this, you would need to make some custom modifications to achieve what you want.

I have a Bug Navbar in dashboard can not new create movies


Could you please create a new ticket via support tab regarding this, thanks!

Hello, in my opinion in script is an error.. views/titles/episodes/show.blade

@if($title->trailer) <button class=”btn btn-block btn-primary” data-bind=”click: showTrailerModal”>Trailer</button> @endif


What is the issue there specifically?

miss a lines @if($title->trailer) and @endif… When I open this file, i have only <button class=”btn btn-block btn-primary” data-bind=”click: showTrailerModal”>... Maybe was been a problem with instalation.. I havent this lines

Do you have the latest version of theme?

You can also just add those yourself.

Hi,Vebto your script and theme very cool (my website www.watchmoviesmaster.com) but please update new features i need features below - related movies and tvshows above footer - ads slot on the right top above images - facebook comment instead disqus sorry for my english thank you