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Hi Social login does not work. Main page loads very long delay.I can not give up a category on the home page I see something like this:”Create categories you want to display from dashboard > categories page.” Authorized users do not see the buttons, add or edit tittle

If you can please tell me how I can translate the page into another language. If you want to see with their own eyes what does not work is my url address: http://www.bfis.pl


Take a look into documentation for information on how to configure social login and translate the site.

As for homepage, you can create categories from dashboard > categories page, might also need cache from dashboard > actions page afterwards.

This theme does not work well. When I change something in DASHBOARD changes are not visible on the page. To get there I have to turn on the original theme. Then I have to once again enable mercury theme.

When I delete a user shows me the message that we made it work. But as refresh this page appears again. and so over and over again.

I also have another question. as translators script that I put the translation on the left or the right side?

Original -> “my translation” or my translation a -> “original”

and as I translate it exactly where I turn on the copy of the translation? This is not described in the documentation

The last question. I turn off the ability to import movies, series regular user? I would like to be able to import only authorized persons.

Greetings and sorry for so many questions but I like the script and I would like to me everything worked as it should :)

You might need to clear cache sometimes from dashboard > actions page if changes are not reflected immediately.

For translations, you enter it on the right side.

You can set data and search providers to ‘local’ in settings page to turn off automatic importing.

Is this made with php laravel?


This is just a theme so it’s mostly html/css, but the main MTDb application is made with Laravel.


Hi, I like the theme. can I customise theme. Is this theme is in HTML / CSS


Yes it’s in HTML/CSS and you can customize it any way you want after purchase!

For all who wants visible search at smaller screens like phones and tablets this is a fix before a new update is coming. Open


open style.min.css with wordpad. Search for: (max-width:767px){.hidden-xs{display:none!important} or part of It.

replace .hidden-xs{display:none!important} with display:yes

Save and replace the file with ftp

Before I rate this theme. How often do you update the theme and MTDb?

Thanks for a good script and theme.


It varies, sometimes a week, sometimes a month, it depends on how long the update takes.

You are a elite aurhor. I think you should update more often than every 3 months. I have lots of other themes and software here at envato, and almost all elite authors update their product quite often.

We update more often if there are any issues that need to be corrected, otherwise we do it when update is ready.


hoknow Purchased

It would be great if you will add release date and type in next update. It’s little unfair you’ve add this only for original theme. Both themes should have same features :/


We might add it in a future update, but search dropdown will need some more changes to make space for release date.

Hello, a pre sale question.

Do you intend to implement the new search bar of mtdb plugin in this theme as well? Or can I adapt this new bar, with the movies and series tags in this theme?


In a future update perhaps. No ETA for it yet unfortunately.

As for your other question, not sure I understand, can you clarify a bit please?

Hello, it was more about the same search bar. I’ll be waiting for this update on Mercury to buy the theme and plugin. I’m interested in the plugin with the mercury theme but with the search bar you updated to the default theme of the plugin.

Thank you for the informations.

Hello everyone, I’m here to apologize to the owner of the script. I put this script in a free hosting and it was not working because the hosting was not good, I decided to put in another paid hosting and it worked properly. The script is one of the best I have ever bought. I recommend! Congratulations to the script creator !!!

After updating the “dashboard” became all visible. Please correct it urgently! javra.ru


You can correct it by setting “Dashboard” item visibility to “Admin” from dashboard > menus page.

Does not the information capture system pick up information from the series chapters?


Not sure I understand your questions, can you clarify a bit please?

i have problem with css style /series in mobile devices is problem with .embed-responsive, .media, .media-body, .modal-open, .progress { overflow: hidden; } you can see it? Thanks,


Please send all support requests via the form in Support Tab, that way we can answer your questions faster. Thank you!

Hello. I can test or not? And i can see admin or not?


Yes, you can preview it here http://preview.codecanyon.net/item/mercury-theme-for-mtdb-movies-and-tv-database/full_screen_preview/12263657

You can access admin area, by clicking ‘dashboard’ in the top navigation bar.

Dear sir i see the videos MTDB theme they are from google drive : can you please make me the api + the scrip i need it i will buy it from you Please


Not sure I understand your question, can you clarify a bit please?

Hey when the new version of theme is coming ?


We’ve no ETA for it yet unfortunately.

can you please reply to my email? zee


We’ll get back to your email shortly.

Hello, please, could you access my website: http://amychat.com and say why the mobile version does not work correctly? Thanks!!!

Mobile version also not working properly on my site, I think this requires a fix. Using the latest Chrome on mobile. Thanks


Mobile version will be improved in next update.


Hello, how can I adjust my theme? in mobile version continues with errors!

and your demo version is correct!



please, when you ask to install this script in my hosting?

1- I can not change the language for portuguese brazil.

2- I can not install your theme (Mercury – Theme for MTDb (Movies and TV Database) it is not responsive, as its demo.

Please tell me how much you ask to install the script on my hosting that I pay you by paypal.

I need it urgently!



We can assist with installation free of charge if needed. Just upload the files to your server and create a new ticket here with your site url. Thanks!

I just sent a ticket. Thank you so much!

Hi I bought this by accident meant to buy the main movie script and just purchased to fast can you accept a refund if I make a refund request? then I can buy the script? Thanks!

This should be corrected in next update.

awesome thank you! Is it a simple fix that I can edit a file via FTP and or will you be pushing an update soon? thanks again

also, I just noticed social share buttons are not showing on mobile just to advise you. I hope you can add that fix as well thanks!