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Hello! I have the same question as TrendyTheme – I want to expand dropdown menu(in small devices) clicking on text(or anywhere of menu link area) instead of (just) right indicator. Is it possible?

The icon exists for this purpose. Added to the to do list for a future update. Thanks.

Is it possible to make this menu transparent to start but then have the background color change once a link is clicked?

I guess so, but you need to add some custom CSS and Javascript code.

Ahhh ok. I wasn’t sure if it was something easy. Thanks.

Well it looks like this menu sits on top of everything. So if I have content on the page, it covers the top part of the content. How do I fix this?

It shouldn’t do this out of the box… It’s not sitting on top of your content in the demo when you’re scrolled all the way to the top.

I fixed it by adding a div underneath with some margin. “margin-bottom-70” like so that would push the content down past the menu.

I’m planning on purchasing this script. I will be using on my sub domain. Do I purchase the license under my primary domain or under my sub domain?

When in collapsed mode Is there a way of open the dorpdown clicking on all

  • item and not just on indicator?
  • Hi, Could you set a demo with multiples pages ? The actual demo does not switch to different page so we cannot see how it’s act. I’m asking this because there is seems to have a glitch when clicking button to switch page the menu move to left and this make a kind of flicker, this is no good… I’m using your script from a template.

    The menu is moving completely one side to another in almost all browser (except FF) do you plan to fix it asap?

    Seems to me that you do not have a license, right? In this case, you need to ask for help to the author of the template. He is the responsible for the implementation.

    Hello marcoarib!

    Very good piece of code. Do you plan any update in nearest future? Im willing to pay for new options and features:) As they say – “shut up and take my money” :)

    Best Regards Gabriel


    I have bought this theme it is using your plugin

    the problems is when I click on any link on the mobile menu the menu doesn’t disappear and it must be when to click on it the menu fade out or collapse Plase help me to fix this issue because I demand this support from author and he doesn’t support me

    I really sorry but we are not responsible for implementations by the third parties. Thanks.

    Hi, For the main navigation, how do I change the dropdown indicator from a ’+’ to a down caret or others icon? Thanks

    Is there any update.

    Can anyone tell the answer its been 9 days we’ve been waiting.

    On docs go to chapter 11 (Javascript options)


    I bought an Theme for my website and this plugin was included (build in the theme):

    I have one issue with it and it would be nice if you could help me to solve it!

    Issue: The menu (buttons) stops to respond if the browser window is resized. The buttons don’t work (onepage design) A page refresh solves the problem. It’s the same on mobile and desktop as soon as the window size of the browser changes the top menu buttons stop to work.

    I really sorry but we are not responsible for implementations by the third parties. Thanks.

    Code is very good, clean, easy to customize. Buy this menu and save your time guys – must have.


    I have url on the first level. On mobile view, how can I separate the menu text and the indicatorFirstLevel (e.g. +)? My goal is, on mobile view, when I click on the plus sign, it should just show the Secondlevel; and when I click on the menu text, that’s when it should redirect. But current behavior, since the menu has url, when you click, since the whole thing is inside the anchor (menu text and plus sign), it redirects.

    Hi. Please send me your purchase code by private message. Thanks.

    This code came with a template I purchased here on Theme Forest. The menu is great, and functions pretty well. Except on mobile (using iPhone).

    You click the icon to show the child menu, then click an Item expecting to go to that link… But you have to click the link again to actually go to it. Not great UX!

    I tested your demo on my phone to make sure it wasn’t something the template was doing, but your demo does it too. So its a problem with your code!


    Saw there haven’t been any updates for a while, is this product still maintained?

    Considering using it in our themes.

    Thanks Tom