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Hi. I really like this menu and will use it in some projects. In the live-preview I used firebug to modify the text in a sub-menu but the problem is that the sub-menu does not automatically stretch to fit the text in one line. Is this issue documented? I had this issue with some other menu and it was a pain to work around it when the menu is generated by the CMS.

Must be some very long words :p

Yes… For this particular project I have one dropdown with 5-10 list items that are really long, something like this “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.Sed at massa.” Sooooo, it’s pretty long :) Maybe i’ll find a way to target just that dropdown to be more wide.

You could also just use the mega menu for super long items. With images and stuff if you want to :)

Are you available as freelancer?

I don’t have that much time at the moment, but maybe I can do some work. Could you send me an email through my profile page with a brief description?

I have a website were I am using the menu system and for my iPad when i click on a menu option that has a drop down the menu shows correctly but the drop down will never go away after that. Is there an option to clear this up?

Thanks, great menu by the way.

Hi, I have a click to open version here. Maybe this would do it. Send me an email through my profile page so that I can send it to you ;)

Could you make it responsive?

I’ve seen some people who did it with this menu. But I’m not going to make it responsive. I’m working on a new one that is fully responsive, not sure when it will be out there.

Please help add new submenu, not position correct …. Menu: Products -> Canvas

I don’t really see what’s wrong?


How can I make sure it shows on top of my video player? I have a page that shows videos using flowplayer and the menu is behind the flowplayer.


That’s probably an issue with flash player. It forces it self on top of everything. After a quick google search i found this:

I hope this will solve your problem :)

Hello, could you help me with a question?   I am using this menu in a Joomla template, you can tell me how I should do to make the menu function normally only equal to Blog menu and its submenus.

  I could not make it work by creating a position:

( ul class = ” menu lblue slide ” id = ” menu ” )

<jdoc:include type=”modules” name=”menu” style=”xhtml” />

< / ul >

( = <

Thank You

Hi, Sorry but I won’t be able to help you, I don’t have any experience with Joomla. Maybe you can find somebody that knows Joomla on the forums?

One other question, can I make the mega menu display to the left instead of to the right? Or even make the mega menu be the full width of the menu?

Hi, no problem. You can only change the orientation of the mega menu with the floatr class (see documentation). The menu does not support full width mega menus.

I saw that but I need only the right side of it to show on the left and the left side to show as it does on the right. I guess that’s where I’m confused.

That’s currently not possible. I guess you should tweak the code a bit? Let me know if you need any help.

Is it possible to add a 16×16 icon to the left of a menu desc? I have the purchased version.

Yes you can, there are several ways of doing it. The easiest way is to just add an image in the tag and give it vertical-align: text-bottom; If you need help, send me an email :)

Thank you, works like a charm

hello, Great menu!

I just need your help. The menu is working fine, but when I resize the browser the menu buttons from the right move with the browser! I want them to stay fixed and not move. I have edited the css with position:fixed etc but it doesnt work.

if you could help with this it would be much appreciated!!


adj09 :)

I’m on a vacation right now. I’ll be able to answer your questions in 7 days :)

How do I get the menu drop downs to show ontop of a google map?

you could add this at the top of the core.css file:

.menu { position: relative; z-index: 9999; /* or another value that works for you */ }

If this doesn’t work out, send me an email through my profile page with a link to the website.

Is this one of your menu script? Look great so far! It is used CSS3 or use with javascript to take the animation?

can that be used in wordpress too? :/

You can add it to your wordpress theme manually, but there’s no plugin provided.


heb Purchased

Hello, Im developing a site with this awesome menu, but I need it to be activate it on click, not in rollover… how can I achieve this? Thanks!


Hi, just send me an email through my profile page and I’ll send you the code :)

Hi I would like to create a menu like this:

6 buttons on menu. Each button is in middle. not on left side. Is it possible to do it?



There is a slideshow on my index page. The slideshow will display in front of the menus Is there any way to solve?


Sorry for the delay. I was on a holiday. I’ll answer through email ;)

Any chance you will make this menu response, so that it works with smart phones? Thanks.

Sorry, but no. I was working on a responsive menu at some point, but when I started working full time, i lost track of it.

sigh.. SOOO close to being perfect. Yet, not being responsive kills it in this day and age.

if you ever decide to come back and do a responsive version, give me a shout please..

Hello .. I hope you have great sales at this site .. Follow me TOO :D


I am interested in purchasing this script for future client website development.

Quick question, I would like to know if I am able install it via the CSS & JavaScript Toolbox plugin:

I think it would be easy to do, but I wanted to check.

Merci, Kym

Hi Kym,

I cannot guarantee it will work with the CSS & JavaScript toolbox plugin. I have actually not heard of it to be honest. I suggest that you get someone with knowledge of html/css/javascript to help you. I also do not support this item anymore as you can see on codecanyon. But thanks for the heads up anyway :)

Kind regards, Joren


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