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tHANKS! Nice product!

Thanks alot for the menu maker. i LOVE it! Easy to customize for evryone.

web i used it on :

About some issues described above, I put:

.button a { display:block; } #menu_wrap .button {float: left;}

in my IE only css, and it tamed down IE’s rendering of the buttons all over the place.

But I am having other issues with the search input not showing in IE8 . I think it might have to do with [type=text] after the .search input, as in my IE css I just put .search input like this:

.search input { background:#FBFAF7; }

and it showed up in IE7 , but not in IE8 .

Nice little program, as long as we all can get things working. I appreciate getting it for free from Code Canyon this month!

Thanks for nice product.

How would I change the color of the font, for example the font on the brown version is pink and I would like to make it white.

Also, is there anything I must do to ensure the search feature works on the site? I have never used a search feature before. :-)

Thanks so much! This item is a beaut!

I downloaded the free version from CodeCanyon a few months ago and I really don’t know why I never used it before. I’ve just manualy created a similar menu for a site and thought I’d try yours out, man what a timesaver yours is!

each subsequent button is stepped down out of alignment in ie8 (including your out of the box example menu.) Works great in every other browser than IE. Please reply as how to fix. Tried every permutation of settings I can think of and menu buttons are staggered downward in each one.

Hey any time frame on when the update with the sub menu will be available

how about a submenu? no settings avaialble

I like this; this might sound silly thogh, Will this work on an iphone/ipad browser. The existing menu in my web page does now show up in iphone Ipad.

The sliders does not work smoothly on iPhone , so in my new version I have totally changed the slider to HTML5 sliders. It works much more smoothly.

I need to use it with Wordpress Themes bought from Envato. Is it compatible with wordpress?

Hi, Unfortunately I’m not a Wordpress developer so I’m afraid I can’t assist you with that. Thanks

Perhaps one of your other client/users has experience with the use of your product and its use with Wordpress?


it’s any possible about to sub menu can you make update about this ?

I’m seeing the same behavior as srelan above from a year ago.

In IE8 with the example menu provided, each menu item is shifted vertically down from the previous creating a staircase effect.

I tried generating a menu and inserting it into a site page (no search or javascript) and got this same effect in IE8, Firefox and Chrome.

Any thoughts on what might cause this?

I Think It’s Time We Get An UPDATED Version coming on the 3rd year since Update… WHY?

  • Trends in CSS3 have changed into FLAT, Shadows Differ, Basically 2014 Options…
  • Update IE & other browser Coding – as these IE and some others still have to be added manually after even comments about it 2yrs ago.
  • Its a Premium Commercial Product, and being a Web based Service to be used in the FAST Changing World of Web Design, I think we are due an UPGRADE long ago.
  • eg’s of some Trends to put to use more – “FontAwesome” – Other Font based Glyphs/Icons – Flat Shadow Design – Flat Button Design – Shadow Changes on Text and Buttons – IE & Browser Updates & older versions still need manual addressing – CSS3 advances by leaps & bounds in specific areas of shaping and cross-browser use & specifically (I personal like) in rounded corners for almost ALL browsers – Font-Face Libraries Addition to a Font List one can use & Other user-manually added Font-Face addition separately (new feature? Adding .eot .otf etc Font-Face fonts manually using a ‘Quick Method’ instead of manually coding for newbie coders having to google and learn what could be achieved with JS/jQ etc in seconds, and not long at all to code into the existing framework) – ANYTHING ELSE ANYONE??

Thanks for you’re time and reading this MUCH ANTICIPATED & Awaited (by Many I assume, who just don’t read these, as I did only 1 time when I purchased this about 2yrs+ ago when it had AWESOME Potential & back then very Original & very Useful for Designers, and amateurs alike. I can hand code all my buttons, but I use this product whenever I need a certain looking button EVERY TIME!! Would be using Much Much Much More if it was 2014’ed – As would bring ALOT of new Sales making it #1 Again!


Regards, jayism of @Code_Collective (Crowd-Sourced Dev Initiative)

@crayz It needs Updating badly, and SUPPORT seems to have vanished, If a Product is Not Supported and left to outlive itself, it should not go on to take people money @envato….

Everyone is having the same Browser problems, and CSS probs (if trying some customization to keeo out of 2011 and into 2014 Design Trends… Plainly, as above mate!

I just purchased this product but sadly the downdown menu does not work! any solution?!! please