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Excellent job! :)

Hi thanks for your words :)


Can you make a bottom menu with this?

i can help you easily made one if you want

Just let me know if you are interest

Hi, does this work with any theme? I hate the one that comes with my theme and want to change it..

Does it replace the one i have now or do i need make some coding?

wow, thought it was for wordpress/woocommerce.. damn

Hi thanks for your purchase Yes it work with any html theme if you need any help just let me know

Hi, great work! Please i need to integrate into my Ruby on Rail application. Any guide will be appreciated. Thanks in advance and Regards….

Okay that is fine. I will do that and send you the link. Thanks.

Hi insidelab, please find the link to the project as requested. You will also observed that after pushing to heroku, even the icon are no longer showing but they still show on my local development environment. Regards,

Hi seems like you have an conflict with font awesome and menu font also about responsive maybe some minified code try to conflict with responsive ….

if you can please allow me access to your ftp for i check by myself with some demo info also send me that info not for here but for my email

Hi, is the a way to activate the dropdown with a click?


Hi thanks for yor purchase,

activate menu with click only on responsive code also for desktop view with click only with jquery

Hello, before i purchase, a question. I am not a profeesionel in HTML and CSS, i can good custimize my Bootstrap site, but not more. I fear that the adjustment is too heavy for me. The question is. Is there a good documentation? And works this Framework with Bootstrap and which version of it? I ask this, because i bought 2 other menu scripts and have massive problems with it.

Thx Best wishes Sascha

hi, i can help you integrate it, if you have problems customize it also documentation have clear steps to understand menu, just send me mail and i will help you doing that including in support for free :)

Hello, I bought your framework and have a problem to bring it to run. It seems that the paths to the css files are not correct. But I have done it according to instructions.

To see here:

Thank you

Hello, I solved the problem.

ok thank you for let me know

Hello, I have a menu built and now 2 problems. I would like a fixed menu and the effect “resize”. Unfortunately, I do not get that. What class do I need to add? To see here:

Thanks and regards

i think you need to upload the html code from that theme and link css and js files to your pre.html theme since that menu that yo have in that pre.html page is not ready to link with sections

if you have any problem link that files or integrate just let me know

Hello, ok thx. Now i see the problem, i think i get it.

Let me know if you need help :)

Hello, one question. Can you please help me to fixed this menu here: Only change position: relative; to fixed doesn´t work.


Shure, please give me a E-Mail adress.

Ok, have found it:) Mail is send.

Email sent :)

Hi, I purchased your product and need help putting it on my page. Is there a way you can provide some assistance with this? I saw your comments that you had offered it before so I wanted to ask. Here is my purchase code: 787b38d4-0316-4546-930c-86c0a78f2935


Tuan Dam

Hi, thanks for your purchase :)

Can you please provide me details about this integration

1 – type of menu to add 2 – colors 3 – url and page to add menu 4 – ftp info

Also send me this info not to comments here but to my email by clicking in email button in description of menu


Hi I just purchased the menu (nice thx) im trying to mix and match 2 of your samples or better say adding Multiple dropdown in to the TAG one as you instructed but i ended up like this

(check the service section) as i investigated you have different CSSs for every theme but put the same name for it and honestly its too hard to mix and match all the CSSs and add the missing ones would you please help I do appreciate if you do not ask me to email you the thing cause its a very rush job and i believe the solution should be simple

Appreciate your prompt reply thanks

Hi, thanks for your purchase Can you please be more specific about problem you find?

i was more specific, plus you could answer me here instead of sending me to an email address and then bla bla bla instead of modulating this simple css menu you designed a css for every single sample of your so no body can mix and match or customize the menu and people should just use the samples you made otherwise …

Hi, good morning,

You are wrong take the example the category you use the css is equal to all menus the only difference is the module that represents every example,

Also different is only the three themes that you can use If you check the example i send to you i only add tags code in html and css only nothing more


s2xi Purchased

there is an error in “menu-widget-responsiveness.css” line 725. There is 2 dots prefixing a class name

I will check it for update

For easy search can you let me know the code itself in line 725 that you find the 2 dots Thanks for let me know


s2xi Purchased

@media only screen and (min-width:52em) and (max-width:63.9375em) { { max-width:100%; padding:0 30px; }

Ok thanks i will check it for update script Regards


youniti Purchased

Hello, is possible have a fixed dropdown menu? I’m using the normal/flat/fluid menu, but i would like to have the menu always visible on te top of my site. Thanks

I send you an example some hours ago did you receive it?


youniti Purchased

Yes! Thankyou very much!

ok for for know :)


mattdue Purchased

I’m not sure what’s going on, but in mobile (android) when you first load the menu the icons are in Chinese? If you hit refresh or go to another page, it loads the icons normally? Can you tell me why and/or a solution to fix that? Thanks!

Hi, Can you send me to my mail a shot with that for i check, please use the button at menu description in top Thanks


mattdue Purchased

I’m not certain how to do a screen shot on the phone? Like I said, the icons just look like Chinese characters, and you hit refresh and it goes to normal.

Hi, did you test with other browser to isolate the problem

In the demos I don’t see a third level – is it possible?

ie Products > Menu Framework > Item 1

Hi, you can add the levels you need, im always here to help you