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Awesome! GLWS :)


Really beautiful

Hello, I am your first customer :) I am unable to make it work on custom post types… what is the process ? can you help me do it ?

Hello Samel, yes this is it. We do have @membertype ( buddypress member type) in drop down. but when we want to sort all member like @doctor for example it does not find the types nor sort them.. Best regards, H

Hello there,

I have tried the best I could to achieve this feature, this code can be used for this implementation BUT atwho.js which powers this plugin will basically override the users and will list nothing when you type a member type. Why? because it has a behavior of matching the search key to each given result, so while typing @doctor and we have a list of doctors but they have no ‘doctor’ in their id, it will prevent the dropdown from happening.

Sorry about this.



So I solved this.

1. Add this code to your child theme’s functions file:

2. Edit the plugin to insert 2 lines of JavaScript, this file: mentions-ajax-dropdown/Includes/Plugin.php, replace the atSettings method (class function) with this one from the paste



Hey Samuel! It’s Joshua! This looks like another great plugin! Keep up the great work!

Hey Joshua! Hope you’re good. Thank you very much for that! Will do. Have a good day :)

Really usefull plugin. Is it available to make it work pretty like fb even more?
1) Intergate function memtion @ to buddypress privacy plugin. Such as they can choose disabled complete or part of private (mean no one can memtion), only friends ect… just like user do with view in buddypress privacy plugin for activity
2) Remove @. Given pretty mention just like facebook. Call displayname (name that user buddypress set published view)
With 2 of this feature. I belive this is very needed plugin for who use buddypress. Thanks

So i need to do both of (1) and (2), right? Thank for your help, i will try, if any wrong will be ask for help

1) I used link plugin you given me on email > I replied all issue, but you did not reply me.
2) I saw here updated new version > So i went to download and install this new version ==> But this one allow @ all member…
So should i do now? Thanks

Hello Samiel, thanks. we tried it but not working. can we send you an email with our ftp ans site details ? Best regards, H

thanks a lot

Hello Samiel, do you have news for us ? thanks a lot. Hervé

Hello Samiel ? can you help ?

Hi! I am thinking of buying the plugin so Buddypress users can easily tag their collaborators as Co-Authors on published posts. Can your plugin easily work with Multisite and custom post types? Thanks!

Does it work in comments also? If someone typed @username in a comment would this plugin display a link to the username profile?


Is this plugin abandoned?