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Hi, can I reskin the menu and the game images ( circles and squares ) !!

They are everything images, so you only have to replace them.

Hello , it’s work with eclipse ? are admob banner supported ? Thanks

i solve it , if any one have the same error just you can’t creat workspace set as the same location as your project, create a workspace in another location where your project is not, and it should be fine.

Hello , how can i change the color of background of menu , how can i change title in menu ? http://im88.gulfup.com/Z1muxk.png thanks

Hi, I have responded you by skype

Nice work, GLWS! :)

Thank you :)

Android Studio Support?

Hi, I use Eclipse, but I suppose that you can also import the project in Android Studio. Next week I will begin using Android Studio, if I manage to import the game I will tell you. Regards.

nice app, I dropped you an email, username xossamito. Please reply.

Hi, I have responded you by email. Regards.

When i try to import the third project to eclipse the gradle project the software says: Error, Peer not authenticated. Please help

Solved, thank you for your rate.

Clicking ranking only tried to, all the leaderboards. Is it possible? masters

Hi, I don’t understand what you said. Please, add me to skype and we talk by it. My username is guillocrack. Regards.


Can you modify the menu and/or change the background while playing?

Thank you

Hi, yes, add me to skype “guillocrack”. Regards

Hey can you help me with setting it up on android studio? i will buy only if you can. :)

Hi, next week I will begin using Android Studio, so I will can help you. I will write you when I can explain you how to import the game with Android Studio. Regards

hi ,i import project follow readme file but show error ” 1.The type android.content.Intent cannot be resolved. It is indirectly referenced from required .class files Splash.java /my-gdx-game-android/src/com/pongsa/rushtochange line 1 Java Problem

2.Unable to resolve target ‘android-19’ my-gdx-game-android unknown Android Target Problem

3.The project was not built since its build path is incomplete. Cannot find the class file for android.content.Intent. Fix the build path then try building this project my-gdx-game-android Unknown Java Problem”

Please advise me thank you

Hi, sorry I was very busy, I have written you on skype. Regards.

Error Solve thank you ,good support

You are welcome

Hello sir, can i have code without admob?

can you teach me if i buy how to reskin this apps ?

No sorry, I could do that reskins, I wouldn’t charge you a lot, but i can’t teach you for free about how to reskin it, because you want a lot of changes.

Hi, sorry, this coment wasn’t for you, I thought you were another person from another game. Yes, I will tell you how to change basic things

Game not having any sound or music ?

It doesn’t have but I could add it, I wouldn’t charge you a lot. Add me to skype and we talk, my username is guillocrack. Regards

Please send the minimum quote to aneeshrajamany2010@gmail.com for provide your email id ASAP

I have sent you an email. Regards.

Hey there, I need help making the APK, I have never used eclipse or Android studio. I am a graphics artist not a coder much.

I have made some graphics just don’t know how to change them then make the APK

Add me to skype, my username is guillocrack

I did not know where to leave a review so I am posting it here. This guy is awesome and went way beyond expectations to help me with my issue. I am overly impressed with the level of service this developer has given to me. I will be buying all of his products again and again!

Thank you so much Guillocrack

Thank you! I will send the android studio project tomorrow. You can rate the game from http://codecanyon.net/downloads

Thank you! We talk tomorrow by skype

i tried in eclipse, android studio, and intellij and always give same error Compilation failed; see the compiler error output for details. Could not execute build using Gradle distribution ‘http://services.gradle.org/distributions/gradle-2.1-all.zip'.

still cant open project….

i think no hope to open this project, the author is not responding since more than 2 weeks

i think no hope to open this project, the author is not responding since more than 2 weeks

How to report this author?

What is your skype name? If I have hundreds of messages I can’t respond everyone and it’s normally I forget anyone.

hey, my skype name facebook:dyaz , you made many promise but you broken many promise too, you said you want fix tomorrow, but today is 2 weeks after tomorrow, and many other promise you broken…

the last you said want send android studio version on tuesday, but until now i dont get it…

i already keep waiting and waiting but you never give solution, just lies i get.

I added you in the Skype my is erick.alves.couto help me please!

HI, I’m having troubles with the project. I want the android studio version, can you help me? I tried in the Eclipse, but is not working. Can you send me the android studio version ?