Memory Match Frenzy

Memory Match Frenzy

Game is developed in HTML5 using PixiJS. Even though all the graphics are made for 1024×768 resolution the game adapts itself to all screen sizes and orientations.

You can use Phonegap or Cordova to make a native Android, iOS, etc. app from any HTML5 (HTML, CSS and Javascript) app. Just go to their websites and follow simple instructions. Alternatively, if you don’t want to do anything yourself you can use Phonegap Build or even better Intel XDK tools to deploy to Google Play, Apple App Store and Windows Store. Either way it’s simple.

No amount of words can describe the game better than the live preview, so please play the demo to see what the game is all about. In short, it’s a puzzle, logic game, a matching game that requires memory and wits. At the beginning all tiles on the field are shown, but are turned back after 3 seconds. Player needs to match pairs, if not stated otherwise, of tiles with same faces by turning same pairs over and need to do so until the amount of matches is met before time runs out. ‘To Go’ is the field that describes how many matched pairs are still required to meet the goal of the level.

On later levels there are special tiles that make gameplay even more interesting:

- Clock extends time for 60 seconds
- Joker/Wild tile can match any other tile (useful for making chains when uncertain)
- Magnifying glass marks all tiles of matched tile type for 2 seconds
- Eyes, when matched will show all tiles for 5 seconds

Matches can be chained for extra bonus.

- Works on desktop browsers
- Works on mobile browsers
- Includes source code
- Very simple re-skinning
- Very simple customization
- Very simple to change all the text
- Simple to add score post url
- Simple to add ads
- Includes instructions
- Support provided

Included graphics are colorful shapes and provided as sample, you can easily change them or anything else you want, everything is explained in detail in the instructions file you get after purchase.

IMPORTANT: Some of the old browsers do not support all the sound file types, so the game sounds might partially work on some of them or not at all. This has nothing to do with my work, HTML5 audio was not fully implemented back then within those browsers. If you take a look at the official web browsing stats, there is currently a very small percentage of people using those browsers and are likely to upgrade in the near future.
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