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How can I add Admob to this game?

Hello, follow this tutorial, the official site scirra

Rapaz quem diria lhe ver aqui rsr. boas vendas

Obrigado, estou começando por aqui ainda hehe, boas vendas pra você também!

fantastic work, wish you big sales ;)

Thanks EricProchnow!

hi..great game… i have some pre buy questions 1. there is any option to use only 3 animals (6 blocks) only? and then the game will be reseting? 2.there is option to change all elements in the game?for example to change all animals with other fotos(png’s)?

thanx in advance giorgos

Hello giorgakis,

1 – Yes, it is possible to change the number of parts, just change the number of variable in the template configuration.

The game is reset when you complete all parts. See the example:

2 – Yes, you can change to other animals.


Nice game! Good sales for you:)

Thanks Flikes!

Muito legal! Parabens! è bom ver que existem ótimos desenvolvedores no Brasil ;)

Opa, obrigado amigo :D

How can I add this game in Wordpress?

Great, Can you send me the “logo_menu_sheet0” file in ai or psd format so I can edit this?

hi, at the begining is coming polar Games can we remove this?

Hi! Yes, this splash screen you can change to your brand, opening the project in construct2.

Nice, Good job.

Thanks! ^^

Hi, when I open he project I get “The Sprite Font object’ is missing

Hello, download this plugin: To install the plugin, just drag and drop the c2addon file directly onto the Construct 2 window. You will be prompted to install the plugin. Just click Install:

Close Construct2 and open.

I updated the project putting the plugin with the source, but I’m still waiting for the team to approve. Any doubts can ask around here: D

Hi Polar! How are you? Can you provide me the steps how I can change the animal pictures? Are they on 1 card or separate. I have found the separate animal pictures in the “cards’ folder, but I’m unable to locate them in Construct 2. Do you have the specific /folder steps in Construct 2. Thanks for the support!

Hello marcacer, I’m fine, thank you. And you? The cards can be changed inside construct 2, changing the animation of the sprite.

Step1: Open the file AnimalsMemory.capx in Construct2.

Step2:In the right panel “Projects”, open the “Objects types” folder, locate the “Card” object and double-click on it, or use the Edit Animations option. See the image below:

Step3: In the “Animations” panel, you can list the cards, then you just click on the Card Frame, and use the option to import a new image.

Pre sale? Can you save the user’s score? Is there a save score function that is called with the score passed at the end of the game?

Yes… the games I purchased are in C2 but I’m speaking on this memory game. You do have a function with the save score that I can add my code correct?... this is called at the end? correct…. I just want to make sure you have this built in before I purchase.

Yes, there is a block of code that is called when the user wins, in which it contains saved in a variable the final punctuation :)

Awesome! THANKS!

Hi Polar! Great games. Please can you provide me the steps to change the words like “Acertos”, “Jogadas” Parabens! etc. Thanks for the wonderfull support

Hello, These words are available in Portuguese language. To change the language, open the Animals Memory.capex project in construct2. In the Projects panel located on the right, look for the Event Sheets folder, and open the “language”. There you can change the language.

Hi it says for ios but how do I export to use in app store?

Hello impactcolor, you need to have a license of Construct 2, and then export with cordova or

You can also have a license for Construct 3, and use the exporter for Xcode that the platform offers.

In the files is not included the exported version. Thank you for the contact.

Pode colocar na play store ? como vc exporta pra apk ? posso usar admob ?


Olá, pode colocar na playstore, os assets utilizados tem a licença creative commons.

Atualmente eu utilizo o construct 3 para exportação do apk. Mas você pode utilizar o cocoon.js para exportar com construct 2.

Pode usar admob normalmente.

cara, eu tenho o construct 2 que eu comprei pra utilizar, mas o problema é essa exportação eu fazia pelo intel xdk, mas acabou e o cocoon é pago, tem outro meio de exportar ? o construct 3 eu tenho desconto pra comprar , mas não queria comprar ele não…

mandei mensagem pra voce no chat da sua pagina no facebook, se puder entra em contato comigo por la, grato e bom dia