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Could you please add Startapp ads with free to your game ?

I’ve never tried but you can add Admob ads

Hello i buy game, but i dont know how open with html5. Pls help.

I just sent you an email with a zip file containing the game exported to HTML5. In order to export to HTML5 you don’t need Construct2 personal license. You will need it if you decide to export to mobile. Let me know if you got my email.

Thank you, i got the game.

You are welcome!

Please leave a review if you like it

Hello, I have just the game Memory Game downloaded and I use a Mac! There is a documentation / __ MACOSX / folder but no program in? I would like to use it on my html website Would be great if you could help me there! Best regards from Germany Marcello

Sure. Let me check that for you!

Sorry the website link http://www.jogosgratispro.com/demo/memorygame/ no longer exists :-( Can you post a link here which is the software for the Mac users are? Or leave me the HTML file send via e-mail? Best regards from Germany

1) Yes, it does work. It needs the index.html in the end of the URL like this http://www.jogosgratispro.com/demo/memorygame/index.html 2) The link to the software Construct2 is https://www.scirra.com/construct2 3) The game is ready to the published. Just use the demo folder in the zip file. You just need to upload the demo folder to your server If you need additional help, please let me know.

Sorry but there is not a demo folder :( See picture link: http://agentur-entertain.de/files/info.png ?

Hi Marcello, I just included a demo folder to the main file. As soon as Envato approves it, you will be able to download. If you have any additional question, please let me know.

Hello. I would like a refund. The powered by construct Splash page can’t be removed without rendering the game unusable. It was not mentioned in the description that I would need to use this program or that I would have to purchase anything to make the game fully editable.

Thank you Lorenzo

Hi Lorezon, 1) The game can be edit in the FREE version of Construct2 since it has less than 100 events. 2) There are 3 mentions of Construct2 in the sales page. 3) Where are you seeing this splash screen? If you look at the demo, there is no Construct2 splash page. 4) If you feel you deserve it, please send an email to Envato since they are the ones who handles this kind of situation.

If you need additional help, please let me know.

Do you give further information about how to intagrate with wp?

Basically you just need to upload the demo folder to your server. Then you can create an iframe to load it in any page you want it.

HI Construct2 requires license for export in html5

NO. In order to export to HTML5 you can use the FREE version.

Is not a question, when I go to export construct ask to buy

You are correct. Because of the Admobs object, Construct2 is not allowing to export to HTML5. Just delete the Admobs objects and you will be good to go. Here is the objects that needs to be removed » http://i.imgur.com/ouyhq2a.png

This won’t affect the game since this object is used for mobile only.

Are the graphics translatable?

What do you mean? The text?

Hi, can i translate all text elements in the game to german? Here at the memory game, and in all other your games?

Yes. Most of the text in this game are images. You will need to re-create them using a software like Photoshop.

Hello, can you let me know if it’s possible to swap out the graphics and sound for this game? So I would like to change all the memory items, score screen, background etc graphics and the sound. Is it a simple matter of replacing the images with alternatives? Thanks

You can do it in 2 ways. 1) Change the images from the demo folder. 2) Open the game source in Construct2 and change the images in the game. This way you can change the size and position if you desire. Also, if you know how to use Construct2 you can make any changes to the code as well.

This game is suitable to be opened and edited it using the FREE version of Construct2.

Hi guy,

Do you support to export all the application platform ?

Thank you bro. I’m looking some item like the game “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”. Do you have something like that ? I can’t find on Envator. If you can do that, i think you will have more clients.

I have seen somewhere on the internet but it cost over $500. It was a game not a template. I might do something like that in the future.

Where did you find it ? If you can do that as soon, i think is great. Thank you

Hello, it also works offline?

Yes. However, you need to use Firefox since Chrome has a security issue that prevents it from running offline.

This game works in Adobe Captivate curses?

I am not sure. This is a HTML5 game that you would add to your website. If Adobe Captivate can import HTML files, it might work.

Você fala português? Eu também sou do Brasil e moro nos EUA :)

Opa, obrigado pela resposta meu caro. Estou pesquisando materiais para incluir nos cursos online que são feitos no adobe captivate. Eu estava olhando os jogos que você fez, tenho interesse em comprar para colocar nos cursos que desenvolvemos aqui na empresa.

Me manda email para jogosgratispro@gmail que podemos conversar melhor. Me diz o que você precisa que dai posso te passar algumas alternativas.

Same here. (wrote a comment for math genius)

Yes. I will send you the game files and the Construct2 file as well. But don’t worry, you will be able to open all my games using the FREE version Construct2. Let me know if you have any more questions

Hi! How I must to do to put this game in a page or a post in my Wordpress Site. Thank you

In order to add the games to your website or blog (wordpress), you just need to create an iframe and link to the folder you uploaded the game to it. For example, if you upload the game files to the folder http://www.website.com/game/mygame/, you will need to create an iframe like this:

<iframe src=”http://www.website.com/game/mygame/” width=”1280” height=”720”></ifame>

Where the SRC is the folder where you upload the game WIDTH is how wide you want the game to be in the page. HEIGHT is how tall you want the game to be in the page.

If you need additional help, send me an email to jogosgratispro[at]gmail.com

Hello, I am interested in this game as well some other from your list. I want to use this in a web site and we may need to have more number of memory games like 10s or 100s of them, which we may need them in separate pages on different folders. Can we use one instance of this folder and have each game pointing from the page by name?

Yes and No. Yes if you want to host this game in your website and link to it from any other page on the internet or even to iframe it in other pages.

No if you want to have customized pages based off of this game. In this case, you will need to make the changes to the game in the free version of Construct2(software used to build the game), republish it and upload it to your website. This way, you can have as many different games as you want to.

Hi, can i change the characters and translate the text to spanish? Do i need construct 2 to do this?

Hi there,

Yes. 1. You can change anything you want in the game. However, they are not text, they are images. You will need to create new images for the game as you wish. 2. Yes. After you create the images, you will need to open the game in Construct2 to replace them.

But don’t worry, all my games can be opened and edited in the FREE version of Construct2.

Hi there,

I would like to add a memory game to my website.

If I purchased this, is it easy to change the music and picture files to my characters?

Thanks! Nathan

Hi Nathan,

Yes. It is easy as long as you know how to use Construct2. That’s the software it was used to build the game. We are available for freelance if you are interested. You can send us an email to jogosgratispro@gmail.com with the project details.


what would be the cost to edit the game 1) only 4 levels (i.e. levels 5 – 8) 2) add the ability to collect name email and phone number at the end of the game?

Hi boxx,

Yes. We are available for freelance. Can you please send us an email to jogosgratispro@gmail.com with the details for your project?