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can replace facebook with other app?for example viber.

Yes. All are included. I mean you can also share stickers with viber and other social apps.

same whats app smiley app you making so many versions. Create something new

Yes. will do so. Thanks for your suggestion.

Really great app.

stickers photo include in source ?

Yes it is included in source code. Thanks.

Demo link is missing, can you please update it.

It is there only. Please check. Click on demo. Thanks,

se pueden cambiar los memes? cuenta con cpanel o como se editarian los memes?

sí puedo editar los memes . Por favor envíeme un correo electrónico que ver cutomization en la aplicación. Correo en passiontocode@gmail.com

please send the demo version link , not included

thankyou my friend , i tried it again error conflict with memes stickers and cute stickers when pressing these choices program stops ??

It is there only please check.


Yes right.

I have purchased the app, my Purchase code: d5fa2195-622e-405e-9a70-4509017926e5. How to import the source code in Eclipse. The Youtube video link with the documentation is not working. Please share new video link on how to import the project in Eclipse. Thanks.

Please send me the how to import video link for Stikars app.

Hey project is in android studio.

does it have admin side to create and upload mems

No it stores within app only. I can do customization according to your requirements. Thanks.

I am testing the app on a device, when I try to share on Facebook it does nothing. Device running Android 4.4.5

It works on gmail adding the sticker as attachment. I have not change the source running app directly from download from code canyon.

did you resolved ? email me at passiontocode@gmail.com

Hello, I fixed the previous issue. Please advise on how I would remove the ads and the in app purchases. Thank you

Your app is broken. Facebook does not work , ads show every 2 seconds and it crashes constantly. How about fixing the app, that’s what I want. An app that works

Is demo apk working perfect ?

you maay did something wrong while importing the code. in which android device you are testing it ?

Your app does not work correctly, the Facebook SDK is outdated and the app crashes constantly, The ads violate Googles best practice and make the app unusable. Waste of money!

I am interest to buying a meme stickers .And I have Taste on demo apk. Can not be sent to all social .

I will change it . You can buy., Thanks ,

Is there a documentation showing us how to edit the file at all ( change / add stickers, how to change the assets ect ) ?

Yes. you will get documentation. That will guide you how to re design and re skin the app. Thanks,

Interesting Work! Congratulations :)

Thank you sir.