MeMeMe - The Meme Generator | WP Plugin

MeMeMe - The Meme Generator | WP Plugin

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Easy to use and full featured WordPress plugin to quickly turn your WordPress into a Meme portal, or to simply offer a funny tool for your users.


  • Meme Generator
    • Resizable Text Blocks
    • Rotatable Text Blocks
    • Touch enabled UI
    • 800+ Fonts available from Google Fonts
    • Right To Left text support
    • Free drawing mode
    • Custom strokes
    • Custom colors for text and pencil
    • Custom colors for application buttons
    • Optional spacer above and below the image
    • Responsive
  • Text and Image watermark over generated memes
  • “Re-caption this” option
  • Social Share buttons
  • Rating system
  • Custom post slug
  • Report inappropriate content
  • 3 Widgets available
  • 3 Gutenberg Blocks
  • 3 Shortcodes
  • List available templates
  • List generated memes (saved as custom post types)
  • Masonry galleries
    • Filter memes by category
    • Filter templates by Tag
    • Gallery custom options: columns, thumbnail size, margins, corners, shadows, custom style
  • Multilanguage
    • Internationalized and WPML ready
    • .po file included
    • Spanish and Italian translations included
MeMeMe - The Meme Generator | WP Plugin - 3

Log History

Version 1.6.9

- Fix: Hidden generator title field
- Update: Remove lenght limit to meme title

Version 1.6.8

- New: Rotatable text blocks
- New: Optional spacer above and below the image
- Update: unique ID for multiple generator forms
- Update: code refactoring, generator process improved
- Update: minor css fixes

Version 1.6.7

- New: Social share buttons
- Update: set focus() only to explicitly added text boxes
- Update: new style to rating buttons
- Update: load script only on request
- Fix: Product search with WooCommerce active
- Fix: Gutenberg blocks options UI

Version 1.6.6

- Update: fix Elementor widget hook

Version 1.6.5

- Update: custom generated image name taken from meme slug

Version 1.6.4

- Update: gutenberg block compatible with WP 5.3

Version 1.6.3

- New: take title from text blocks if empty
- New: option hide title above the generator
- New: option select / checkbox pills categories above the generator
- Fix: load default fonts if empty selection
- Update: plugin update checker

Version 1.6.2

- New: option [mememe template="..."] for default template on generator
- New: option load custom fonts
- Update: fadein template on load image inside generator
- Fix: js error with only 1 template selected
- Fix: load more templates
- Fix: css buttons

Version 1.6.1

- Fix: templates widget
- Update: Load template by slug
- Update: create meme button below template attachment page
- Update: default template limit = post_per_page
- Update: full support for widgets inside Beaver Builder and Elementor live editors

Version 1.6.0

- Fix: re-caption this meme
- Update: Gutenberg `deprecated` option for the migration to the new blocks

Version 1.5.8

- New: selective tags for templates gallery `[mememe-templates tags=""]`
- New: selective tags for generator's templates  `[mememe tags=""]`
- New: option filters to hide templates gallery filters `[mememe-templates filters="1"]`
- Update: remove button to text boxes
- Update: add new text box on enter key
- Update: meme_tag to main query

Version 1.5.7

- update: place watermark image at the canvas edges

Version 1.5.6

- Update: now available all the Google font variants (weight, style)
- Fix: best positioning for the text redraw
- Update: new `center-top`, `center-bottom`, `left-center`, `right-center` positions for the watermark
- Update: backend libraries

Version 1.5.5

- New option: custom post slug
- New option: report abuse
- Update: Get exif data and adjust the image orientation
- Update: download attribute to image link. (force file download)
- Update: security improvements
- Fix: normalize tools size

Version 1.5.4

- Update: stronger input sanitize + cut long titles

Version 1.5.3

- Fix: Security improvement, avoid external templates

Version 1.5.2

- New: Meme Rating system
- Update: Skip Jetpack Lazy Images
- Update: enable Gutenberg on mememe CPT
- Update: og:tags improved for mememe CPT
- Update remove JS 3s timeout
- Fix: [mememe-list category=""]

Version 1.5.1

- Update: transform old mememe shortcodes to new gutenberg blocks

Version 1.5.0

- New: Gutenberg Blocks
- Fix: Columns mispelling
- Fix: show title setting for template galleries
- New menu icon

Version 1.4.9

- Update: script loading optimization
- Update: gallery layout fix for jetpack lazy images

Version 1.4.8

- New option: Initial Text (pre-filled text boxes)
- Fix: reset stage size after user upload
- Fix: save tall images from Safari
- Update: jquery minicolors 2.3.1
- Update owl carousel v2.3.4
- Update Isotope v3.0.6

Version 1.4.7

- New: Light and dark color options
- Update: Available pages and posts as recaption destination
- Fix: Hide recaption button if template is not availabe
- Fix: Bug generating memes with YOAST and some themes

Version 1.4.6

- New option: mandatory title
- Update: First category selected
- Update: Meme title as img alt
- Fix: add mememe search to main query
- minicolors Update: RTL support for color picker

Version 1.4.5

- Fix: plugin updater bug raised in version 1.4.4

Version 1.4.4

- New: set custom initial width to text boxes
- New: view meme thumbnails in admin listing
- New: Hide or display inline the tools
- Update: Delete post image when removing a meme (delete permanently)

Version 1.4.3

- Update: set custom /mememe directory inside /uploads/
- Update: set more than one default text box
- Update: support for PHP 7.2
- Update: prepend text field if overflow y
- Update: cross-origin="Anonymous" for img toDataURL()
- Fix:  Notice: Undefined index: thumb_h on activation

Version 1.4.2

- Fix: Re-layout galleries (bug raised in v1.4.1)

Version 1.4.1

- Update: Packery layout for galleries
- Fix: update css for RTL mode
- Update: support jetpack lazy load images

Version 1.4.0

- Update: Author option for [mememe-list] 
- Update: RTL support 
- Fix: List all pages to assign re-caption destination 
- Fix: per_page option inside [meme-list]

Version 1.3.0

- New: Image watermark over generated memes
- New: Automatic updates
- Update: Plugin details under plugins admin panel
- Update: Backward compatibility with Aruna theme and other themes / plugins using old versions of Isotope
- Update: show only images under media manager

Version 1.2.0

- New: Masonry layouts with filter option for all the galleries
- New: `thumbsize, `paginate` and `margin` options for memes and templates list
- New: `random and `title` for templates lists
- New: Random option on Meme widget lists
- New: multiple thumbnail size option for memes and templates lists
- New: `class` attribute to customize `.mememe-wrap-gallery`, on memes and templates lists
- New: Pre compiled classes for multiple gallery styles
- New: Category filter for the generated Memes
- New: Attachments tags for templates filtering
- New: Load more button on tempates and memes lists
- New: Added /mememe/ posts to search results 
- New: og:tags for sharing single memes with image preview
- Update: recaption link inside meme list
- Update: download image link below single meme
- Update: translations