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is it possible to increase the amount of images than 240?

I’m afraid 240 is the limit.

I have small issue, I used the iframe with my own url since I uploaded the files on my server, when someone tries to use the share buttons it redirects them to facebook to share a single image, the issue i noticed it uses your own URL, i tried to change that on c2runtime file your link was listed there, when I updated the files on my server. I checked on different browsers and computers still shares your link on facebook/twitter/google…. I am not sure if the script is running from my server, Please advice how to change that or remove the share buttons from the script.

Hi, please email me direct at meme@zoytek.co.uk and I will send a fix for this.

Hello, I will like know if I can use this plugin on a multi site network.

Thanks a lot!


Hi there, I needed a simplified (and a tiny bit different) version of this code – would be great if you could help me out today, I can pay you on paypal or something like that.

hit me up. thanks!

Hi, please email the change details to meme@zoytek.co.uk – I am busy with my main job at the moment but I will help if it is straightforward.

Hi, I just installed the Meme canvas maker and it is a great tool but for some reason the pictures are pixelated and the share buttons do not work, and cannot figure it out?

Im using wordpress and an iframe but any help is much appreciated!

Many thanks Ed

Just realised the share buttons were blocked by a pop up blocker but the images still come out pixelated http://www.mememesh.com ? Thanks

Hi. You can download the full image pack here, http://www.bestfreememe.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/meme-image-pack.zip with the non pixelated images.

hi, how to add google ads, google analytic code ?