Meme Maker Canvas

Meme Maker Canvas

Meme Maker Canvas

Drive Viral and Social Traffic with Memes!

Meme Maker Canvas is a meme creation and sharing tool.

Shared memes can contain your site link and watermark to generate viral and social traffic to your site.
  • Perfect for commenting on the latest celebrity, sporting or news events!
  • Memes can be easily updated by admin
  • User memes are also allowed
Live demo here:

V1.2 Changes:

  • Now supports up to 240 images in 10 groups of 24
  • Supports multi line text entry
  • Unlimited resizable text boxes
  • Right click to rotate text
  • Admin editable fonts, up to 12
  • Select and Delete text feature
  • Admin can set the number of image group buttons
  • Fixed scaling image bug

Lots of Features!

  • Custom User Images
  • 12 Fonts (admin can modify)
  • 240 Images (admin can modify JPGs)
  • Unlimited multiline text boxes
  • Image Watermarking
  • Social Sharing (Facebook, Twitter, Google+)
  • Text Color
  • Text Size
  • Right Click to Rotate Text
  • Black or White Text Shadow
  • Shadow Intensity
  • 600×600 pixel max output size (JPG)
  • A choice of 5 scaled down image sizes
  • Large user files supported
  • Image Preview
  • Image Save
  • Auto Text Center
  • Auto Caps
  • 1000×600 Canvas size
  • Ready to embed in an iframe or place directly on your site
  • Detailed help document
  • Web server with PHP to Share posts to Facebook/Twitter
  • Web page with min 1000pixel width to avoid canvas cropping
  • WebGL compatible browser for text shadow/glow effect
  • Tested and works with Chrome, Firefox and Opera. Other browsers may limit available features.
  • Try the preview to check before purchasing!

Admin Features

Admin settings are changed by editing a simple text file.


  • 12 Fonts (uses Google Web Fonts)
  • Image files (10 groups of 24)
  • Set number of Image groups (1 to 10)
  • Your Web Address (for social sharing)
  • Your Site Name
  • Your Site Description
  • URL of Meme Maker Canvas files
  • URL of image files on your server
Custom Watermark
  • Watermark text (e.g.your web address)
  • Watermark text size
  • Watermark colour (16M)
Social Sharing
  • Share image link, or your site URL.