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I am trying to make a mobile friendly content site., I am looking at developing an android app and the plugin works great. except one thing. I need the generator side bars to be responsive. The templates need to stack on the maker but they don’t and it causes the generator to be offset on the app. Can this be modified?

Working on making it mobile friendly. Update coming soon!

Before purchasing this plugin I have one important question. Is there a way to show a full gallery of images to choose from(not just 4 images, I mean like 20 images)?

You can stick as many images as you want, but they currently show on one side.

Hi.I have some problems with the plugin.when user enters the Text which is more than 24 characters in length instead of adding a new line automatically the plugin cuts off the text.Users are complaining about this. check this image Please correct this.

One request.Users are unable to see all the random Meme Templates.

suggesting a fix eg.creating a slider.

Weird! Will look into it. Thanks

How do we use existing media with this plugin. It seems we have to manually upload these images 1 by 1.

Also. This shortcode is not working properly.

Please let us know how this works.

??? This plugin does not work…

That is the wrong shortcode, please check the documentation. You can message me through my profile for more help!

Hi, Can I use you plugin to upload and share image like

There’s a demo available so you can try it, but yes its a meme generator.

Hi. I want the uploaded images width to be 630 pixels.what should I do?

You can modify it in the PHP. Message me through my profile for more info.

I sent you the details.which line should I edit? could you please send me the code.Thanks

I was wondering, if your plugin, will allow me to setup a meme generator with four side-by-side panels like this:

Hi! This plugin is not working on mobile devices with all my 3 themes. I just see the left image. Can you provide mobile friendly css pls? I don’t know what to change. Best regards. Mathias

I can’t take this plugin into my WP website, plz tell me what to do. I can’t use it to even creat any meme or post it into my website.

Hi, Please check the documentation folder. You need to add the shortcode to the page and publish,

Any chance that this plugin will be tested with WP 4.9?


So I’m looking for something that will give me nice stylish backgrounds that aren’t very busy so I can write quotes, sayings, etc. & type them in.

I want it to be easy since I do a lot of them.

Something similar (maybe nicer) like this.

I thought these were memes, but when I read your description, you said a meme is a funny image which is not what I am using these for.

I also read something about only 6-7 images, so if that’s all you have, then I don’t think your product is for me, right?



You can actually put any images, so yes stylish background images work :)

There is also no limit in the number of pictures, it is not confined to 6-7.

I do think this will work well for you.


Hi Jordan, we have a problem. When we write a text in a meme, the image disappears. Why? What’s the fix? Thanks a lot! This is the link:

My goodness this is a great plugin. We had it up and running in 5 minutes. Highly recommend!!!

Thanks! Glad to hear that.

does this work with the latest wordpress version , it seems its not updated for a long time . Thinking of buying it , just wanna make sure it works with the latest version of wordpress ! Thanks

hi its very good

Thank you! Glad you like the plugin.