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A couple of quick presale questions…

First, what are the options for specifying the available images that can be used to create a meme. Can I use a custom post type and taxonomy to include them ?

Second, is there a way to tell the shortcode to use only one image, in other words, can I use the featured image of the post im using the shortcode on to create a meme ?

Thank you so much in advance,

Hi, There is a dashboard to add images. No, there is not a way to specify a shortcode for one image to create a meme.

Hello, I just purchased but I cant upload it to my WordPress 4.3.1 running Twenty Thirteen theme. I am complete novice. I did try changing the theme to twenty ten. I reallt want to be able to use this plugin. It just wont let me open and upload.


Make sure to unzip the folder and read the documentation.You just need to upload one folder.


It is not working for me. I go into settings and upload pictures, or just choose pics that are already there and then click “stick” like it says to do. I get nothing. Am I supposed to be able to get a shortcode or something? It moves the pictures I select up above the other ones, but does not give me a shortcode, embed code, or any way I can display the pics on my site. What is it supposed to do? It is not working. If I cannot resolve this I would like my money back.

So, I sent an email, I posted here. I was able to find the code to post into my page/posts. It still does not work. If you don’t respond within the next 24 hours, I am going to go through PayPal and get my money back. I would prefer to get it working, but I am not going to keep trying. I need your expertise on this, or just forget it.


I did email you back. And the documentation outlines everything.


Any plans to update this Meme Generator? Looks like it might need some attention!

New update coming out in 2 weeks!

Hi. i’m developing a site where they bought this plugin. Is it possible to change the font-size of the watermark?

As of now no, but email me for custom work.

Hi I follow all the other requests… plus: are you planning any update to add more features? I need a script like this but it seems to lack many features…

Yes, new update in 2 weeks. Email me about the custom features you need.

So, here are some basic queries I have before I can purchase this template:

1. Can I pass an image URL to this plugin and have it load that specific image for editing? Usage scenario: User A loads an image from a gallery within the website. On the image, there’s a ‘Meme This’ button. After clicking this button, he is taken to a page with your meme generator and the picture from the last page – thus he is able to ‘meme’ a picture of his choice.

2. After the user has edited and is ready to be shared – what are his options? Usage scenario: User A has finished created his meme using your plugin. But the site’s owner wants the user to be able to share it directly to Facebook. Thus, for that to work well, the meme needs to have a permalink to it. Will user A be able to do that?

I do not presume that these functions are readily available, but I can try to build that myself – I just wanted to know if you’ve considered these aspects and if there’s anything which can help me with this. Say, like a function or a variable (that I can set) that accepts the image URL as a parameter.


1. They can upload an image from their computer, but not a link.

2. They can share the image, but the image itself is shared not a permalink.

Message me through my profile about custom work and collaboration.


Presales Question: Does this support an image overlay watermark (with positioning (bottom-right, top-left etc…) ? Or is it just basic text only?


As of now, just Text.


Use users change text size?


The user can only position the text or make it all caps or lowercase.

Message me through my profile for custom work.



yflor3 Purchased


My questions is if you are going to update this plugin and add mobile view in it?


Yes, an update is coming in the next 2 weeks. Working on mobile friendly features too!


Hi, i want to use your plugin, but i need to know if it works in front end and allow users to submit generated meme as post published or pending for review? please reply asap.

This product does not work with Wordpress 4.5.2 – Requesting REFUND.

Being updated, but it may be your specific theme. Can you tell me what theme you are using?

Ditto – This product does not work with Wordpress 4.5.2 – Requesting REFUND.

Being updated, but it may be your specific theme. Can you tell me what theme you are using?

I can’t config watermark!! I use WordPress 4.5.3.

Hi, please send me a personal message through my profile with your website address and theme so I can help debug.

Dose this plugin works with let me know soon.i want to buy your plugin

What happen when a user uploads an GIF file

That link doesn’t seem to work. No Gif support yet.

Hi, looks like a great plugin. A few questions:

1. Can completed memes all appear on a page (same page as the generator for example)? Not, as posts, but just the completed memes themselves?

2. If no, when the memes are submitted, where are they sent on the back-end?

3. Can the instructions below each “add a line” be customized? For example, if you would like to require “Small Caps”?



1. That was the old format, but after popular demand, I changed it to each submission being a post.

2. When you look at posts you will see the submitted meme posts as drafts which you can either publish or discard.

3. You can customize the text with a little editing (I can walk you through it).


Hello i purchased a lon tim ago muy support is over but now is first tim im using plugin. Im wandering where is the page shortcode for the meme generator

Please unzip the folder you downloaded and open the documentation file, the shortcode is there.

Thank you!

Please contact us. We want to make a meme (NO IMAGES) that is just text from the excerpt of the post and making it a Featured Image.

In other words. You make a post. (Pretend this a post)... when you hit publish the featured image becomes a graphic of the excerpt.

This post would be “Please contact us We want to make a meme” -BGRated

The post was not edited how I wanted to show you but it was justified text

I have just purchased and installed on Wordpress Version 4.6.1. I created a page, added the shortcode. I kept getting a message saying no images were published. I ftp’ed a jpg to the published folder. I now see that image, but nothing else. Where is the form to create the meme with?

Sorry about that. I read the documentation closer. There are two shortcodes you can use. All Good!

Are we only limited to show 5 or 6 images for them to choose from or can we show a directory of images for them to choose that when one is selected gets opened into the meme generator?