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I am trying to make a mobile friendly content site., I am looking at developing an android app and the plugin works great. except one thing. I need the generator side bars to be responsive. The templates need to stack on the maker but they don’t and it causes the generator to be offset on the app. Can this be modified?

Before purchasing this plugin I have one important question. Is there a way to show a full gallery of images to choose from(not just 4 images, I mean like 20 images)?

Hi.I have some problems with the plugin.when user enters the Text which is more than 24 characters in length instead of adding a new line automatically the plugin cuts off the text.Users are complaining about this. check this image Please correct this.

One request.Users are unable to see all the random Meme Templates.

suggesting a fix eg.creating a slider.

How do we use existing media with this plugin. It seems we have to manually upload these images 1 by 1.

Also. This shortcode is not working properly.

Please let us know how this works.


TXTFox Purchased

??? This plugin does not work…

Hi, Can I use you plugin to upload and share image like

Hi. I want the uploaded images width to be 630 pixels.what should I do?