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Great works! Dostum :)

Thank you!

can i add more images for generator template, sorry my english is bad

Yes, 1.1 patch will bring this feature to admin panel.

se podria traducir al español ? me interesa mucho gracias

English please.

It could be translated into Spanish? I am very interested thanks

Yes, you can translate a single language file according to your taste.

Hi, what i will get when im buy this item? and why u not include all feature on your sell item? please provide all feature explain, thanks


It is a plugin for my other project called Arwell. It will not work standalone.

You will get meme generator feature for the Arwell.

Please check, click on Generate button on the top-right and test how it works.

Hi, so when im buy this,what i can get? I just get plugin ? Im try to generate, but why just thats image? thats not for generate, i donnt see keyword search anyway, just same image im find when generate it

Yes, you just get the plugin. The plugin allows users to enter text and generate an image called meme. Something like this:

But it only works with Arwell:

Can’t users use their own uploads for meme generation?


Nope, but we have over 350 installed memes, so we mostly cover them all. Next update will allow admins to install new meme images to the system, but I don’t plan allowing users to upload memes since they can upload some random nonsense images and it would break the point. :)

Hello, i have a one problem…

When i up the image with the button “Upload”, i selected the image and i agree one title in the camp.

When i click in the upload bottom, the action is all moment in the same phase… ” Loading…” but i not upload the photo in the website.

How i search the problem in logs file?

Make sure you have php_fileinfo extension enabled.

Correctly! Thanks

Another question…

How is to delete the bar of developer php fixed in footer of the page??

The “debug var” in php code


Open app/config/app.php, change debug value to false.

You need to keep it at false unless you’re getting some errors and you need to screenshot that to me. It may contain sensitive information, at worst, annoy your users.

Hi, I want to buy that but I want to know if users can upload their own images to make meme with these.


Self-uploaded images won’t be a meme. It will most likely be a random image which breaks the point of it.

This version has no such support Vietnamese. If yes I will buy.


There is not much to translate, but you can translate it into Vietnamese if you want.

All you need to translate is this:

    'meme' => 'Meme',
    'description' => 'Meme Description',
    'image' => 'Image',
    'soon' => 'Soon',
    'management' => 'Meme Management',


I just buy the plguin, but i dont understand how can i install, normaly y upload a zip file, but in the instrucción indicate copy folders, can you help me with more specific instruccions please

or how can I install in my hoting?

is possible have the arwell and wordpress same time? like modules of the same page?


No. Wordpress and Arwell are seperate applications. If you want to use Arwell, you need to purchase Arwell from my profile page.

No, you cannot use Arwell and Wordpress in the same site, and no, you cannot create a module page for Arwell.

Nice work gud luck

Hello. Is this still supported? I am having problems with the plugin. Everything looks good and works except for the last step. When I click save after creating a meme it says “something went wrong in a red box in the bottom right corner.

Thanks, Rob