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Hi, I am impressed with the features of the MemberGold plugin. I hope you’ll reply with support.

I want to use MemberGold to automatically make subscriber’s accounts active or inactive depending on their PayPal payment status. Can this be done?

I have a a site which has 5 subscription packages, the (currently-active) subscribers all receive a post-link and an SMS of the same information, the subscriptions have different time-spans. Level-1 subscribers will receive the posts for two days, level-5 subscribers will receive the posts for 1 year (and the three other levels are the periods in-between).

I also have the Gravity Forms member-registration and PayPal integration installed – can MemberGold replace those?

I am also unsure what code should be entered in this popup box in the MemberGold admin (see screenshot here)

I also have this error message on the admin pages:

Notice: Undefined index: make_home_start in /home/franktur/public_html/frankturnerracing/wp-content/plugins/membergold/inc/wpm-options.php on line 44

Can I have the ‘home_start’ on a different page, rather than my site’s homepage?

Thank You


Hi there. i need 3 feature:

1) pay for single post with optional stuff like “show in highlights + $XX ” 2) pay for X posts (like packages 10 post, 20 post etc) / user must see how much post left 3) if post not in higlight upgrade this post to “show in highlights + $XX “

did your plugin support this?

thanks and all the best

i have question ?

is this product with wpmu network

i mean only superadmin can access and control all networks

please reply fast i want to purchase it

if this product support wpmu

Hello. Your plugin looks great. I have some presale questions please. I want to create a membership site where users would need pin-codes to visit certain parts of the website (not all parts). Is it possible with your plugin?


Yes it is possible.

Oh great. More questions if you don’t mind. 1. Can I sync wp users with your plugin? 2, Can the code mentioned above expired immediately it is used? I want that restricted page to be accessed only once by every member. Each member will have a different pin code. 3. Can I generate these codes for Silver, Gold and Diamond plans or as the case may be? Thank you


Yes it is possible.

Hello, pre-sale question. Is it possible to set a membership expiration by an actual duration of time from when they register? I’m looking to allow 1 hour per registration and then they can extend after the hour. Is this possible or is the lowest value 1 day? thx!!

Hello. A minimum of 1 hour


I’m looking for a plugin for my customer ( a lawyer ) Their new clients can make an account. The lawyer can write the progression about their case in their account. The client can login and see this progression.

Is this possible?

Thank you much.




Impossible to see your dema, link breaked.

Best regards