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Hi, I am impressed with the features of the MemberGold plugin. I hope you’ll reply with support.

I want to use MemberGold to automatically make subscriber’s accounts active or inactive depending on their PayPal payment status. Can this be done?

I have a a site which has 5 subscription packages, the (currently-active) subscribers all receive a post-link and an SMS of the same information, the subscriptions have different time-spans. Level-1 subscribers will receive the posts for two days, level-5 subscribers will receive the posts for 1 year (and the three other levels are the periods in-between).

I also have the Gravity Forms member-registration and PayPal integration installed – can MemberGold replace those?

I am also unsure what code should be entered in this popup box in the MemberGold admin (see screenshot here)

I also have this error message on the admin pages:

Notice: Undefined index: make_home_start in /home/franktur/public_html/frankturnerracing/wp-content/plugins/membergold/inc/wpm-options.php on line 44

Can I have the ‘home_start’ on a different page, rather than my site’s homepage?

Thank You


Hi there. i need 3 feature:

1) pay for single post with optional stuff like “show in highlights + $XX ” 2) pay for X posts (like packages 10 post, 20 post etc) / user must see how much post left 3) if post not in higlight upgrade this post to “show in highlights + $XX “

did your plugin support this?

thanks and all the best

i have question ?

is this product with wpmu network

i mean only superadmin can access and control all networks

please reply fast i want to purchase it

if this product support wpmu