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Salaam Ali Khum, Abul,

I realize that in translation area of the software you provide folder path creation (not clear where path starts for language/English/admin or /client) and how to create a language_translation.php fil to place in folder.

My question is how do I set up the software to accept a new or different ‘ENGLISH” translation so I may be able to change some of the labels in the GUI (graphical user interface) to labels that reflect my business needs. This is very important to me and I appreciated your kind help.

I look forward to hearing from you soon, InshAllah!


Kind greetings again, Abul,

My photos are not uploading, so I provided the 777 write permissions for the program root path: application/uploads folder. The problem is not solved – I still cannot upload team photos or logo. I wish that setting specific permission would have been clearly outline within the documentation you provided – it would certainly make it so you would need to provide less support for your great software.

Uploading employee/client and logo images is an important part of this program and I would appreciate any help in this regard.

Thank you, Mickhael

Hello again, Abul,

I have not receive any support from you yet. So just to repeat myself – My problems with setup and installation are as follows:

1.) My employee photos and company logo are not uploading, so I provided the 777 write permissions for the program root path: application/uploads folder. The problem is not solved.

2.) I set up a new path within your program ( /application/language/English/admin or /client) and installed the newly edited English.php within the folder. This is because I need to change some of the sidebar navigation tab names so they are correct for my type of business that I am using this software for and, also because some of the English verbiage in your translation is misspelled and I want to fix that myself properly. I need for you to provide me with the instructions to do this myself to make your LOCALIZATION/TRANSLATION work properly for me to use it.

I have provided you in an email with ALL of the access credentials (C-Panel, FTP, MySQL Database) that you will need to assist me with the two above requests.

From the comments I have read of other’s support requests with the software that these two issues I am having are common to your software and perhaps should be described very carefully within your documentation. Meaning, if there are typical issues with CHMOD permissions to get your software to work as described, then these important permissions should be listed with their corresponding files within all software documentation. Why have customers guessing about upload or translation issues that you know how to solve, when you can simply add easy trouble-shooting solution instructions within your software documentation.

Hi again, Abul,

I hope you are okay – perhaps you are sick and unable to come to your computer to provide me with my paid support for your paid software product as you promised.

I will check in tomorrow to see if you will available to provide the support you promised to provide to me in an email.

Kind regards, Mickhael

Hello again, Abul,

I am still awaiting your support for this product.

Kind regards, MIckhael

Hello again, Abul – I am still awaiting some minor support from you that you promised, which is part of what I paid for. Just let me know that you are not willing to honor your Envatos seller agreement and I just pursue a refund from Envato.


I have purchased your code. I have the following question. I have an installation problem. When i install it says “can’t create config file, your server does not support ‘fopen’ function, please create a file named – AppConfig.php with following contents- ”. I created this file with the database info in the root directory… and created the table by loading your sql file… but i get blank pages… help me. Thank you…

Hi I am trying to add buttons to the datatables (print, pdf, copy csv). But, it doesn’t seem to display the buttons and default CSS also gets removed. I am loading all the datatables buttons CSS and JS and is showing up in core-php. But, am not able to integrate the same with MEMA. Can you please help or suggest regarding the same Thanks !!

Hi , Thanks for this great work , one of previous post was 1 year ago about (Hi, want to know if there is a setting page for admin to restrict what functions each “role” can do? Thanks!) Your answer was in the next update. I just bought it today and there is no option for restrict role ?? how can I get it ?

Hello Friend,

Anyone didn’t want this feature. For this reason I didn’t include this feature. Please give me 10 working day. Within 10 working day I will implement this feature in my application.

Thank you :)

Hi My friend , any update ? please i need this feature . Thanks

Hi My friend

I want to have restrict roles in this script. I need one roles only same as admin roles but not shown the system setup menu. can you explain to me how to do this ?

Please check your previous comment. Thank you :)

i want purchase your product can i change sms gateway api

i want purchase your product can i add SMS url any time we want send SMS from our local service provider

When a task is created, does it send the email notification there or when the task start date? And does is send reminders on pending tasks?

Sorry this features is not available at this moment. But I noted your suggestions and implement these features in my next update. Thank you :)

Hi I just bought your php script and im having issues uploading the logo an favicon

I’m getting the following message:

Oh No! Unable To save File,Please Check your Server Write Permission

is there a specific folder i need to change permissions on?

Please provide the write permission application->uploads folder and also the sub-folder. Then It will be OK.

Thank you :)

demo not working

Please give me 24 hours then I will provide a live version. Thank you

hellloo… demo not working??


Please give me 24 hours. Then I will update this.

Thank you