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I am interested to buy this, but i need answer for following question 1. can the time line data be update when the user scroll bottom of the page without press a button to fetch more data 2. can this time line be integrated with knockout js model as data binding..

please do you have an example of that with php language, in your demo there is one menu for dynamic data, but i donot see any dynamic ajax request on console

Yes, the example is called ajax_load.html, and AJAX request is sent to ajax_data.php. They are in the demo folder.

ok let me try , i will purchase tonight and try, if doenot work, i will get back to you

Please advise how to add the menu to the left please.

I also want it to link to a specific year, not the date separator

Please check your inbox. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact with us via Email. Have a great day. :)

Yes I replied…please check the specific question…...can you send me an example?

Do you have API documentation available to view? I want to be sure I can customise look as I need it.

Sure, please send us an Email to

Hi. Is it possible to create a new css style to display timeline? Thanks

Yes, sure. The CSS code of the timeline plugin has been written in a way which can be easily customized. Multiple CSS themes/templates come with the plugin. You can create your won by simply duplicating one of the templates, and then making the required changes.

Hi again

I duplicated one css theme. I added the php lines with new theme in melonhtml5_timeline/index.php, and I can’t see in theme combobox my new theme css. I only see your 5 css theme. How can I add one?


Hey, there is no PHP file. What you need to do is including the new CSS file you created in <head> instead of including the original one. If that doesnt make sense to you, please send us an Email to and we can help you via Emails.

Hi again. Is it possible to get boxes in different place in different years and not in the same year? Example: 2016 box in right, 2015 box in left, 2013 box in right, 2010 box in left side….

Thanks in advanced

is that because you have the column mode set to left? Change the column mode to dual should make the timeline events display on both sides.

Hi again! Nope. It’s in dual mode. If you want I can give you credentials to see it. Let me know. Thanks!

Please drop us an Email to and we can have a look for you.

Hi !

Is there a way for display twitter media et quote tweet ?

For example, in a wordpress post, when you put the url tweet, vistors can see the “native” tweet.

Other question : the twitter time line display only my 15 last tweet. How can i change this ? (Max is set to 99, but there is only 15 tweet displayed).

Thank’s ((:

The number of tweets is limited by the Twitter public API. They only return you the latest 15 tweets.

I bought it and still cant make it working, Also on demo site it shows “No data found, please try another page ID.”i tried all my fanpages and i did all right. It just do not work. Fix it or refund.

Hi, are you talking about Facebook Timeline? It usually happens when the Facebook Page you used had privacy settings on it which doesn’t allow any of its content to be displayed externally.

First of all: Great plugin :)

Now to our question: Are facebook posts of type “event” supported? It seems to brake the timeline.

Thanks :)

They are supported. What is breaking?

Unfortunately it is hard to find out, because no error message is showing up in the console. The timeline does not show up in the frontend.

Only two tags were generated inside the div#timeline. The tags are div.timeline.timeline_dual and inside them div.spine.animated That’s all.

Any ideas?

multiple language support??

Yes, it does support multiple languages. Everything is UTF-8 encoded.

Hi, Do you have a horizontal version for the timeline?

Sorry, there isn’t one yet.

Hi, I received the following notice from Facebook Support: “Timeline has been making recent API calls to Graph API v2.0, which will reach the end of the 2-year deprecation window on Monday, August 8, 2016. Please migrate all calls to v2.1 or higher in order to avoid potential broken experiences.”

I must proceed to do some updating (v 2.6?) directly from Facebook API Upgrade Tool? The update will not cause any error?

Hi, I would like to know how to auto load without clicking the load more button.

On a dual-timeline – if one post gets too big, it can mess up the order of following posts. Just take a look at this picture, where I am ordering by ascending, but the 7th. november is placed before 24th. october.

I have my own mysql data and php. What version of this script I need? Jquery or javacript? Thanks

No answer from you. I see rss and twitter is down

I bought it,do you have a video to let me know how i can use it in my about us page?i used wordpress

Hello, does this plugin works with the Avada Theme ?


ggabbi Purchased

Hi, In the past few days, your script has stopped running. Maybe Facebook have changed something in his API? You support again this script?

Yes, Facebook has made a breaking change in their API. This has now been fixed in the latest version of the Timeline plugin. v2.09