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Hi- Looks like a great plugin. I see that Wordpress posts can be pulled into the timeline, what about other types of Wordpress content; for example Wordpress pages? Also, how do the posts get called into the timeline- by category? thanks

Hi, WP pages won’t get pulled in automatically. Only posts will be. You can select what specific categories of posts to display in a timeline.

You can also use the custom mode to manually type each timeline event instead of pulling them from WP posts.

Hope that makes sense.


Hello- I’m using the Avada theme and with this plugin active the Avada themes options do not display. I get the message “Warning- This options panel will not work properly without javascript!” Are you aware of a conflict between the two? Thanks

Hi, that seems to be a custom warning made by the Avada theme. I’m not aware of any conflicts with the theme. Will have a look soon. Could you please also drop us a support Email to

I cannot use this plugin because it does not display my language “Korean”. What can I do? How can I use this on Korean?

Is your website UTF-8 encoded?

When the custom, does not appear to my language “Japanese”. I will not be able to use this plug-in. What can you do to me?

The plugin is UTF-8 compatible. You should be able to use it with any international languages. Please check if you WordPress installation has UTF-8 enabled or not. Please send us an Email to if you still have problems.

I sent my picture and e-mail. However, there is no reply.

Hi, we just replied your Email. Sorry for a late reply. We don’t work on Saturday or Sunday.

Hello I installed this but I do not work, I wordpress version 4.3.1 and I’m setting for Facebook time, any suggestions?

Can you please send us an Email to with more details?

Hi, i bought your theme!

I need some help for two things.

1. I want the beginning year from the first post displayed 2. Posts on the left and right side


Thx, Greez Flotschi

Hi, posts are always alternated from left to right within the same year range, and always starts from left when a new year starts. In your example, because there is only one event in one year, you can turn off the year separator option to make the posts alternate from left to right.

Hello. 1. Can I create an event (a small text with a picture) in the timeline without creating a post in my blog? 2. Is this plug-in compatible with Word Press 4.2 and 4.3? 3. Is it possible to publish events from the page Google Plus (photo added).

Is it difficult to understand jQuery and integrate it into my WP site?

I load it as a normal plugin WP and in admin panel will see the settings?

There is a full documentation with details of how to integrate it. There won’t be a WP admin panel where you can set the options via UI. All the options will need to be written in JavaScript code.

Hi, Already twice asked the support but still no response: when I put a caption to an image the code appears in the timeline (blog post):

thank’s for your help

Just a heads up, the support of shortcode has been added. The new version is being uploaded to codecanyon. You will get an email as soon as it becomes available for download.

great, works with version 1.14. !!! :-) Thank you for support and help !!!!

no worries :)

One more question, if I may.

From your LIVE PREVIEW I don’t see is it possible in one timeline insert all sources: current events, events from Facebook, YouTube, and so on?

Are all opportunities that I can see in the LIVE PREVIEW I can make using settings from admin panel of plagin or your example uses additional knowledge of Java and so on?

Thank you.

You wont be able to use multiple sources in one timeline in the WP version. You can use the jQuery standalone version which gives you the ability to make your own JSON data. Once you have got all the data (from your own database, or using third party APIs…etc), the Timeline plugin will then display them for you nicely.

With the WP version, you will not need any knowledge of JavaScript. All the options can be set in the admin panel.


I have tried Timeline WP with the AVADA theme. I seem to be having the same issues at ‘ralmoor’ above. If I go to Appearance > Theme Options the page does not load properly and I get the following error messages:

Options Updated Options Reset Error! Error Message Warning- This options panel will not work properly without javascript!

If I turn off Timeline WP the Appearance > Theme Options page is accessible again. Did you figure out how to get the plugin working with AVADA?

Many thanks,


Just checking in to see if you have read this. I have sent a message through support, comments and a detailed message with all the error codes via email. Would really like to get this sorted so I can move forward. Please let me know if you got this.

Many thanks

is it possible to have a timeline using historical or fictional data instead actual post date? like if I want to use dates like 530 B.C. or 1948

No, not at this stage.

Hi! Is there anyway I could export the timelines? I want to export the timeline that I created on my old site to my new site.

Sorry, not at this stage. However, you can find a plugin to help you to export the entire wordpress database which includes the timeline.

Hi. The loadmore button doesn’t work. Is there any option to activate it?

any suggestions?

Hi, can you please send us an Email to, possibly with a link to the page, or the code you use so we can have a look for you?

Hi, i want to show full title with default theme, because now i’m showing ”...” when the title is too long.

The title is trimmed in CSS by design. You can remove the css style if you like.
text-overflow: ellipsis;

If you have any problems locating where the code is, please drop us an Email to

The first thing i check on a plugin BEFORE i buy it, it’s when last time it’s updated to match WP security/feature… this one is oct 2015… so my guess, this plugin is dead… lets see if i got any reply from the creator ?

is this plugin still being developed/maintained? i don’t see updates in over a year and you ahve outdated facebook graph support.

Hello from Nuremberg,

great plugin – but unfotunately, the “COPY” Button does not work. “Add new” and “Delete” work fine, but selecting a Timeline and pressing “Copy” does nothing.

We use Timeline with Wordpress 4.9.4 and Enfold 4.2.6.

Your help is very much appreciated.

Kind regards,