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Hi! nice menu! I need a little help. When I put the menu inside a – display:none Div – the menu don’t disappear. What I can do to hide this? Thanks

I found the solution! thanks!

Awesome, let me know if you have any other questions. :)

does this work with the iPad?

Yes, I’ve tested it with iPad, it works fine.

Hello! I have the menu closed by defautl and I want to display the menu when a user clicks on let’s say : “CLICK HERE FOR MENU ” I have a button and I’ve attached class “closed” to it but it’s not displaying the menu. How can I display the menu when I want to click on a div? Thanks.

Hi, you can use API to open/close menu with external buttons/divs.

<input type="button" value="Open Menu" onclck=";" />

The documentation has more examples.

Let me know if you still have problems. :)

Is it possible to display the current Site in the Navigation. For example, if you click “contact”, the highlighted navigation point should be “contact” :-) I’ll hope you understand what i mean.

No, when I click a link in the menu and it loads a new page (for example “contact”), the navigation shows me the first and not the current Site.

It seems to be the problem in your implementation. Do you have the same problem in my demo?

Looking at your code, you set default menu to be 2 all the time, and each menu click is a page reload, so that the menu number 2 is always highlighted.

What you need to do is set the default menu to be a variable, for example, when the third menu is clicked and a page refresh is occurred, the default menu should be 3

Alternatively, you can use the example I provided in the demo.

Let me know if you still have problems, and I can provide some code example for you via Email.


I have a problem of flashing on the iframe when i click and refresh a page how can i solve this :stress: ?

Do you have a URL to your page? I can’t tell anything before I see it. :)

Really interested by this theme but I’ve a question about the copyright:

You can see since several months, exactly the same menu on

Is there any risk to use it because I don’t want to be sued for using it…

Hi, the Sliding Menu is 100% completely written by myself. It has nothing to do with blacknegative although they look sort of similar. You are safe to use it.

Ok, Thanks to your quick answer Leli. :)

How do I get the menu to close when a ‘link’ when clicked?

Your example uses ‘iframe’ but I would like another alternative to have a page opened without the menu showing up again.

A callback example please?

Set “defaultOpen” to false, please refer to the documentation for full details. If you have any other questions, feel freel to email me @

    defaultOpen: false


I have purchased this plugin and had issues installing it. I sent Emails and talked with you but I stopped receiving anything from you.

Please let me know if anything,


Hi, what issues are you having? Can you please drop me another Email to

Hi, i’m from morocco very nice menu you saved a lot of time and effort i just want to know how can i use the click event instead of hover event to control the menu

The hover is really part of the core design. There is already click event on the menu. If you really want to remove the hover, you can remove the .mouseenter() event from the menu

Thank you so much but what i want is when I click on the menu the pictures change so I can change mouseenter() with click() ?

Very nice job