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Awesome script, good job.

Just one problem. it says in the documentation that “When timeout is exceeded, no matter images have been all downloaded or not, the loading screen will finish and your website will be shown.”

I tested it on a slow computer and it takes longer to show the website than the timeout i set, 5 seconds. Can I do something about this?

Thanks and good luck.

Ummm, please can you drop us an Email to with a URL to your page or the settings you use in the plugin?

Hello there. Love the script.

I’m using it for an ember app. The thing is the apps javascript is very large. Is there anyway the preloader can preload this js?

Apologies for my ignorance but I am the designer on the project ;)

Sorry for a late reply, yes, it will load JS files for you

Great! Do I need to do anything in the config or will the JS be auto detected and preloaded?

How does this affect google page insights?

I have the same issue as one of your previous buyers where the website loads for a fraction of a section before the preloader executes. I followed your instructions to include the CSS first, and included the placeholder div on the page.


Hi! I send 2 message for a problem with the preloader, but no reply! the first one was 6 days ago! please respond. Thanks!

hi, i’d like to change the font and the size of the text in the thext preloader, could you help me please ? thanks !

Can the loader (logo) be semi transparent

Is there plans for next update

Hi, I purchased your MelonHTML5 – Royal Preloader few days ago and would like to disable the progress overlay on the image in the “image mode”. I only want to show the logo of my website with no other effects on the image. How can I achieve this?

What is going on? Do you still offer support for this product or not? It’s almost a week I sent an email to your email address: requesting for support about this product and got no reply. So I came here to post the same message and 3 days is gone and still no response. Your last response in this platform is 3 months ago. Do you still offer support for this product or not?

hi, dear, thanks to good plugin, but as my site( 2problems bother me.

first, mode isn’t changed. my header script is below:---- Royal_Preloader.config({ mode: ‘text’, text: ‘’, background: ’#ffffff’ text_colour:’#555555’ });

and, before loader is loading, some of page is viewed. i think it is some tiny problem.

Would this loader be compatible with a master page? I’d like to have a preloader show up on all page loads in my application.


LUTRAM Purchased

same issue as other page loads for split second before pre loader, what is solution?