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How to make tiles always fit inside the div. It should be fit to all device screens.

You can use the “base size” and “gutter” options to adjust the size for tiles. You can also use the fluid mode instead of a fixed number of colums so that tiles will auto fit the container.

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Can we change random flipping of images in all the tiles so that all tiles can flip at one time?

Hi, thanks for the enquiry.

Please drop us an Email to and we will email you the instructions of how to change it.

Cheers :)

When I create the gallery, I added the ‘flip’ class to the gallery.
As a result, when the gallery loads, the tiles flip into position
Looks great
However, after loading, when the tile/images rotate, the don’t flip.
What do I need to do ?

You are not supposed to manually add the classes. Use the plugin option to control the animation type.

Based on your documentation I added ‘flip’ as a class to my gallery
The gallery loads with a ‘flip’ action, as with your demo
However, from that point on each tile slides rather than flips
Which is how your demo works
My question remains
Can I, how can I, make the tiles flip rather than slide after load.

Ahh, I see. No, they will always slide in and out. The animation option s are for the tiles when they are first displayed.

Hi I purchased this Gallery but i am trying to change the flip transition not on the load but on the individual images. How can i accomplish this?


skooz Purchased

Hi, I bought this script, but how can i make it responsive so that as browser size changes, the tiles reposition so it looks good?