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MelonHTML5 - Grid Slider

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Grid Slider is a light-weight, high performance plugin that lets you display multiple items in perfect grid layout. It comes with various options letting you configure it without manually changing code. You could also use its built-in API to intergrate it with your own app very easily.

Please give it quick rating if you like this. If you have any suggestions/feature request or you find a bug, you are more than welcome to contact me and I’ll address them ASAP.

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Grid Layout
Display multiple items in a perfect grid layout. Row number, Column number, Gutter size and Thumbnail size can all be configured via options. (no manual CSS changes are needed)

Multiple Instances
With the object oriented design in code, multiple sliders can be displayed on one page with different settings for each.

7 highly performance optimized animations are included by default, and each type could have a unique synchronized option turned on or off.

Item Description
Each item could have a HTML description displayed at the bottom. Item description can be easily turned on or off via options.

Each item could have a HTML tooltip set which is opened on click.

External Link
External links could also be used on images which can be set to open in the same window or a new window.

API Methods
Plenty of Object Oriented API methods allow you to integrate it with your own app very easily.


v1.03 @ 15 April 2013
Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where opened categories don't remain opened after navigation
v1.02 @ 16 Match 2013
Update: Re-designed tooltip
v1.01 @ 13 Match 2013
Update: Added ability to add item description to be displayed below each item
v1.00 @ 10 Match 2013
Initial release