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Very nice slider, tested on IOS6 safari working smoothly

I think it would be better if the zoom animation starts at the same time with the split

But looks nice right now


Wow the preview is cool~ :)

Thanks sike. :)

I bought this, trying to download it for the last 20 minutes, keeps timing out

I have checked other files i have bought and they download no issues

Is the file uploaded ?



Hi Johnny,

Yes, the file has been uploaded and I can download it fine. It must be the problem between your internet connection and codecanyon. You’d better contact with Codecanyon or your Internet provider, or just try it later. :)

Just tired again there, downloaded this time

Bizarre, but got it anyway



Hi leli2000

Really nice, works great.

Just one thing ,would like to remove the ease in ease out effect, just have a stati image as opposed to easing in on the image

I removed the data-ease tag from the div, but that didn’t remove it, looked at the JS, and removed the easeOutBounce from below

_ease        : 'easeOutBounce',

That didn’t remove it

Can you tell me how to remove that effect

Regards and thanks


Great Stuff Lee

The JS is minified, where exactly do I turn off the ease effect

By the way, really nice slider, have it adapted into a responsive design, loads iPad for for tablets, iPhone for phones and well iMac for screen, loads quick considering technically all three are being loaded in each sceen size but only one displaying



Hi Johnny,

The ease effect has been turned off by default already. You don’t need to do anything to it. Just include the new files and thats it.


Ah great, cheers


Is something possible like ? This type slider-togethers are always good looking

It is possible, but I think it will be a new item to write. :)

Is it possible for you to make it available as a Wordpress plugin? - Maybe with a shortcode option?

This would be much appreciated

WP version is in the to do list. :)

Hey, melon. Is it possible to:

1. Make the screen really bigger?

2. Mask the screen, so that online a part of the content inside moves?

3. Change the transition to slide?

Thanks a lot!

Yes, sure.

1. You can make your own screen. (for example: resize it in photoshop). Make sure you update the screen dimension (see documentation for more details)

2. Not very sure what you mean :)

3. Yes, slide animation is already built in for you. You can also see it in the online demo:

Hi, how do I make it responsive?

Hi, it can not be made responsive at this stage. The phone / tablets are in fixed size.

I need to add a link to each image, it can be done?

thanks, I just send you an e-mail

Please, can you confirm me if you recive me e-mail?

Thanks Regards

Yes, we have. We will reply you as soon as we get to the office on Monday.

This works on wordpress? where i have to include CSS and JavaScript files?

Hi, you will need to include the CSS and JS files to the WP theme header files.

Ok, it works ok. I have another question! how i can make the size responsive? is posible? I try with “data-width” value in %, but not works.

Ok, i see that this is not possible… very important problem.

I need to add a link to each image, it can be done?

And i have other question:

Is posible show only one image in the slider changing the data-duration? show always the same image, without transition animation

nice job Good Luck with sales