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nice work. Just wanna find out a few things to help me evaluate before buying:

-has the 6-picture in one cube feature been implemented? -can I set direction of each cube rotate and rotate speed (rather than the default random mode)?

Thank you.

Hi, you can set the rotation speed. the direction is random at the moment. But it can be easily changed to be whatever you like.

Hello its possible to put diferent images on same cube? Thank you

No, not at this stage. Sorry.

Can you sent me a non minified version so i can edit the script i really need to a client.

Hi, Sent you a query on the Cube Gallery a couple of days ago concerning the possibility of adding a close function to the image (as opposed to close on Esc.) via your support page.Did you receive it?



Sorry, no. Did you send it to Could you please send it again?

Just re-sent it Lee to that address which is the same one I sent it to before. Can you let me know if this one turns up please?

hello friends, buy this article, but I have a problem.necesito llamar otra pagina al hacer click. I can make a hyperlink to a page by clicking?

“necesito llamar otra pagina al hacer”? Sorry, I cant read.

Hi, this stop working on the Google Chrome. Could you please fix? Thanks, have a nice day.

Hi, this should be fixed now. You will get a notification email once the new version becomes available for download.

nice work ,but I can implement it in wordpress ?

Hi, this plugin is not a WordPress plugin so you can not install it directly in WordPress. But you can certainly implement it in the WordPress theme you’ve got.

can each cube play a video when selected?

Is this Responsive?