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I bought itttt :-) ,

I have questions:

1- in your demo there is a type of question that has 2 big square colored buttons .. how do i do that? what type of question is that?

2- what is the differnce between “single line text”and “prefix single line text”

3- i see on the button of the survey upon creating it .. “Page+” , what does that mean? .. i can have 2 pages of surveys so people can press next or what?

4- When you add a required field for example “First name” .. when u start typing in the box .. it automatically says under it “This question is required” , i want to make it “This field is requied” , because it is not a question.

bro … i have a small concern about exporting the survey results … i took the test survey here https://training.icareeregypt.com/icareer-survey/ .. i clicked on export results to CSV .. i mean all the data are packed into 1 cell in excel … why?


Please send me email (icodewp96@gmail.com), You want to each question began with the new cell, right?

yes … i emailed u ..

yes .. i want the exported results for each question to be in different cell … each user in a different row .. normal.



jdagency Purchased

I’ve updated the plugin to latest version and it broke the back-end. I get an HTTP 500 error. I tried with all other plugins deactivated and default WP theme but the problem still occur. Please advice what is the solution here. Thanks!


ric81 Purchased

Dear Team, how can I hide the total number of submissions from the results?

Hi, Thanks for purchasing our product.

Please send me email (icodewp96@gmail.com), I will send you file.


ric81 Purchased

Ok just done it by adding a class in the php and hiding via css. thank you for you fast feedback!


ric81 Purchased

How can I style the colors of the charts in my results? thank you

hi … u have just released an update .. i dont find an update button in my admin panel!


Automatic updates not yet in the plugin.

Download the plugin from CodeCanyon, and extract it. You should find a directory megapoll.

In your WordPress installation, replace existing megapoll directory with latest downloaded megapoll directory to wp-content/plugins/ folder

After replacing folder, Click on “MegaPoll” Menu from WordPress admin panel and plugin will be updated with latest changes.

will that override my settings or delete my current surveys?

No but in any case make backup.

Is it possible to limit the voting to only 1 per email?


Not in the plugin but send me an email (icodewp96@gmail.com), I will make it.

Pretty interested.

I’m looking for two different types of reports as the survey will be moreless checkmarked based.

One report, I’d like to see the quantities of each checkmark selected. So we can see the totals for each checkmark option.

The other report, I’d like to be able to see who all took the survey and what was selected from the checkmarks.

Weill your plugin work like this? Thanks.

Hi. Thanks for the interest in our product.

1. For each answer there is a total value.

2. It is only if load only answers a specific user.

Here you can choose options and see how it works (http://icodewp.com/wp-admin/admin.php?page=megapoll_analytics&form_id=2&select_questions=1).

Hello, I would just like to say how impressed I was with the customer support for this plugin. Firstly, this is one of the most comprehensive poll/survey plugins out there – believe me I have tried many different solutions before arriving at this one. Secondly, I approached support asking if a feature was supported, instead of simply telling me it is not (like most authors would do), they went the extra mile and actually customized the plugin for me! To me, that was really amazing. I thank you so much for your great service and look forward to more great plugins from you! Please keep it up!


Thank you for your kind words, this inspires us to continue. If you need any help again, write to me.

i would consider this plugin if it had an audio poll/vote feature

Hi. Thanks for the interest in our product.

Unfortunately now it is not possible, but in the future versions we plan to do it so it will be for the fields “Checkboxes” and “Radio Buttons”.