Discussion on Mega Slider

Discussion on Mega Slider

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Version 2.6 does not seem to support utf-8 character coding. Had to roll back to 2.4 which works fine.

Also, MD slider is not visible when js compression is enabled.

2.6 seems to break simple HTML markup inside a text box that used to work with 2.4 and below. For example: Button Text is now output in the slider as text instead of the HTML because it is being added with quotation marks in the source.

We recommend to use text only, but I just test with HTML code, it works fine. Can you show me your HTML code?

Basic Bootstrap elements like buttons used to work, for example: <button class=”btn” type=”button”>Default</button>


I am using 2.6 and I don’t see the navigation Next/Previous shown up. Any idea?


I think I found it. I don’t know why the default style opacity for me-arrow class of the navigation is 0. It should set this to something that is visible.

Another problem with the module. Whenever I have the md_slider block on a page, the superfish ( submenu won’t show up.

Anyone has this issue yet?

Thanks for comment. I checked it but i can not create the bug like you. You visit my forum at to get support asap. Thanks.

Hi, I’m using version 2.4 with D7.23that came with Goodnex theme. If I install the whole package (Drupal+theme+modules alltogether) everything is fine.
But if i try to install the MD Slider module alone on a preexisting D7.23 installation, the module stops working correctly:
- the ‘settings’ link opens a div beneath the overlay div, thus unusable (unless you manually change the overlay z-index value)
- the timeline panel doesn’t work at all, no buttons or icons throws any action nor error in the console.
- trying to add or remove a slide throws a console error ‘no such method ‘add’ for tabs widget instance’.
- if i import a slider from the working installation into the new one, I see the images and text in the edit page, but there is no layer in the timeline panel and the panel itself doesn’t work at all.

Could someone please give me a hint on this ?

I answer by myself: the problem is some sort of clash within some jquery file.
Solved by disabling the jQuery Update module (thx to some other post earlier)

One question, is possible to stop a slider when a user put the mouse over the slider? Thanks so much.

Mega slider is not support this event at the moment, we’re working to add this feature in next version.

Hi, i want to buy this item but one question before :

Is it possible that the slider not showing next slider automatically but manually (i mean, change slider only when user click on next or previous button).

Thanks a lot.

yes, you can do this in slider settings.

They are very slow to answer support questions. There are no instructions on how to make it full width

In the video, it shows that when the text is added it goes all the way to the upper left hand corner and then it is dragged into place. That does not happen for me when I added text.

Can you please explain what happen when you added text?
Do you use jquery_update module? It might problem

I figured out what I was doing wrong. To control the width area within the slider, I had to change the “Effect Zone Width”. This setting is what needed to be widen to cover the entire image. Now when I click text it starts in the vary upper left hand corner like in the video tutorial. Thank you for your reply.

I have MD Slider in the Blocks theme. Is there any way that any one knows of to translate the slides? Or show a slider in a certain language only? I’m open to anything. Thanks in advance. Awesome slider by the way!

We don’t support multiple language with MegaSlider module. If you want to translate slider, you can use i18n_block to set up it. Thanks for your comment.

Hi, is the text translatable ?

No, you can’t translate text in slide. You need to create another slider for another language.


I have just purchased the MD Slider along with the goodnex theme for drupal. When I try to edit the slides the pop up window is not active. I can see it but I cannot do anything with it. The same case with the tools. I cannot add text, and I cannot change anything. What should I do?

Best, Eva

Hi, love this slider. Probably the most robust and easiest slider I’ve seen for Drupal, absolutely love the time line!

The only thing keeping it from being absolutely perfect is having the option to pause on hover as well as adjust the speed of each animation. I feel like ALL the animations are REALLY fast and it hurts the effect of what I’m trying to achieve with most of the animations. Otherwise this is amazing :)

Any updates on this? :)

I can send you new version, please send us a message via our profile page

I sent you a message last week… my email is


I have just purchased the MD Slider along with the goodnex theme for drupal. When I try to edit the slides the pop up window is not active. I can see it but I cannot do anything with it. The same case with the tools. I cannot add text, and I cannot change anything. What should I do?

Best, Eva

Thank for your comment. Please send to me your site url via email We will checke it for you.

Having the same problem as the person above me ^

@justvision2014 @megadrupal

Also how do you update the module if bought through another theme like Porto or Goodnex? I’m on 2.4 not 2.6

You need contact with theme’s author to update new version of slider. Thanks for your comment.

I am having the same problem as justvision2014. Just purchased today.

I found the fix… configuration>performance>enable Aggregate JavaScript files.

Nice module – any idea how to overcome an issue where it isn’t possible to enter start and stop times in slide elements?

Thank you in advance.

you can change it by drag and drop in timeline only.

Please help, We have purchased the extended licesne for your slideshow and are currenlty developing our drupal theme with your slideshow.

We have updated to the latest version and we are working on latest version of Drupal.

When we add a text layer to a slide and then style the text, when we click ‘Save’ we get the following error: Notice: Undefined index: generate_css_file in md_slider_edit_form_submit() (line 667 of /home/project/public_html/me/sites/all/modules/md_slider/includes/

Then , none of the style setting sare saved and do not display in the front end.

Please can you tell us why and how to fix.

Thanks, Sean R.

Please go to slide configuration page and press save button. This might cause after you update mega slider module

In you have

if ($attr == “title”) $value = htmlentities($value, ENT_QUOTES);

That plays total havoc when using foreign letters such as ÄÅÖ.

I think you can use drupals decode_entities instead which works nicely.

if ($attr == “title”) $value = decode_entities($value);

thank you, I’ll try to use it.

I can’t find text color button in my tools penal. There is a backgroud color button which I have succesfully executed, but there is no text color button.

Yes, I have sent you my administration account. Thank you.

Hi Abdullah, I checked my email but i didn’t receive any email from you. I also checked in spam folder. Please check or sent again for me.

Sorry, my earlier email didn’t get thru. I sent again using Thank for your prompt reply. It was I who didn’t check mail often enough.

I get a strange blue square between my slides. Why? And how can I fix this? Take a look below the comment form on

(I got the module through a theme I bought, so I have paid for it… :) )

The plobem in your site is you use image item as background image. It’s reason the blue square displayed between slides.

Ok, but in what way is that considered a problem? Having an image the full width and height of the slideshow is how most slideshows are built up. (I tried not having my image full width/height now, but the blue square is still there.) Can I do something to take care of the blue square showing up?

With md_slider module, each slide has an image as background image. You must go to slide setting and choose background image for slides. Please see it in document. Thanks for yoru comment.