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I shall buy to support, never know might come handy! :)

Thank you

please help me i dont know what to do ! Unknown error type: [8] Undefined index: gzip_compress

recommendation: update your video where you explain how to install this !

You are using any version
Please send a text message by mistake on my email and we will
communicate with you by e-solving problem

Unknown error type: [8] Undefined index: gzip_compress failed installation, documentation is small, the video can not see well, I spent a few hours trying to get it working, but I give up. Please I need help, thanks.

Hi cesar52
Do you use a database
Make sure the variable $config[‘gzip_compress’]

Not use a database
Edit the file
In another type the following line $config [‘gzip_compress’] = true or false

In the next version will solve many problems and fix errors and modifications and new functions to become stronger During this week will be issued Version 2.0
The site will be developed special version to provide full technical support for the system template


I am having trouble getting my special characters from DB like äöüõ.

adding mysql_set_charset(‘utf8’) to query is not working.



datebase is already in utf8_general_ci, but my output data is still messed up. I need seriously a fix for this or I need to just use something else. :(

Best regars, Ivar

Send me the project on the mail to test it and find out the cause of the imbalance on my

mysql_query(“SET CHARACTER SET utf8”);
mysql_query(“SET NAMES utf8”);


It would be nice if you could put a small tutorial, one or more simple examples. It would help me a lot.

Thanks in advance !!

Excellent proposal will be the work of a small tutorial soon
Will do so soon at the moment busy now developing the site
Thank you


Thanks for your fast reply. There are no problem, it’s better to take your time and to propose an eficient tutorial that a bad one. I guess if you had a tutorial, you this script will have more sucess.

The documentation is nice, but really it miss a tutorial.

have a good week!

Thanks for your

I meant a tutorial.


Hi, stefcab
Now you can download
Documentation PDF English – Arabic

Thank you very much !!


can you tell what is the acm class for?


acm class Special automatically used in the template

Unknown error type: [8] Undefined index: gzip_compress??

using database, if i turn it off same error stays, how to fix?

Hello dutchy188
Sorry for the delay in a reply
Do you use databases or not when this error appears
Please download the version now and use it Waiting for your

Hi I just purchase, I just have a question, when I installed it say: Welcome to, Mega PHP Template Engine v 2.0 Fatal: cache/ is NOT writable. what I should do? the site is:

HI zelgiron
Sorry for the delay in a reply
Change Permissions folder cache to 777

Hi, thanks, I will try this right now :)

Hi Friend… how to loop and include files in your class?


<!-- BEGIN modules --> <!-- INCLUDE {modules.HTMLFILETEMPLATE} --> <!-- END modules -->

Do not able this?

I try to write a PHP Code in template…

<!- PHP -> $Modules = mysql_query(“SELECT * FROM modules WHERE status = ‘1’ ORDER BY position ASC”); while($mL = mysql_fetch_array($Modules)){

echo "<!- INCLUDE {".$mE['filename']."} ->";

} <!- ENDPHP ->

but in output code is comented… not render the includes…



Hi friend
This code can be used
<!- BEGIN modules -> <!- INCLUDE modules.HTMLFILETEMPLATE -> <!- END modules ->
Please write the code PHP query

Hey, i want to insert value connection database, where is ? and line number ?

SQL ERROR [ mysql4 ] Access denied for user ‘root’@’localhost’ (using password: YES) [1045] in C:\xampp\htdocs\business\megatpl\mega.db.php on line 487

now the problem is Unknown error type: [8] Undefined index: gzip_compress

i’m using database.

Hi, desmondds Thanks to the use of the product
Be sure to connect to the database data
Browse page at the following link

Hello Megatpl,

I would like to buy this for a project i am working on. But would you help me on how build a worpress like template installer? Upload zip template, activate or de-activate active template etc?

Best regards,

Do you want to purchase a copy or open and want to buy a full version of the site and want to help me

Hi i got error Unknown error type: [8] Undefined index: gzip_compress how to fix this issue? i using version 2.0 and xampp 5.6.3