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$4 worth of DYNAMITE …Most likely be buying.

Try This Buddy… You Will Not Regret It..:)

yes I will but need to do some planning since I have like $18 stored and need to buy theme on TF for 35. If your was $3 I would already be loving it

I wish they would let you add just what you needed

I think it would help everyone’s sales


Would I be able to create a drop down twitter like box with this?

Yes Buddy You Can Create Any Kind Of Vertical Or Horizontal Dropdown Menus Like
  • Codecanyon
  • Twitter
  • Facebook,etc…

But Remember That Dropdown Menu Maker Will Not Generate Code For Same Dropdown Menu Same As Twitter Or Any Other Site You Have To Customize Css,JS And Generated Code A Little As Per Your Requirements And Then Your Dropdown Menu Will be Much More Better Then Twitter Or Any Other Site…

And Remember I’m Always Here For Support:)

Hello, 2 questions

1) does your menu support french charset (è,é,ç,û, etc)? I bougt another menu and it doesn’t work.

2) how to include the menu into 100 pages?

If I change an item I must copy an paste the new code 100 times?

At present I use a javascript menu with a .js included and when I change the menu, this one is done for all my pages.



1) Yes It Will Support French Charset
Demo:- http://i51.tinypic.com/24ffhuc.jpg

2) Yes Buddy You Will Have To Copy Pate It 100 Times If You Change Any Item There Is No Such A Javascript Included To Automatically Update All Pages But If You Are Using .NET Framework Then Just Use Master Page It Will Solve This Problem… :)

Also for updating it once and using it everywhere, if you are using HTML5 and cshtml pages you can just put your code in a partial page, say _Menu.cshtml, then for each page you only put: RenderPage(“_Menu.cshtml”)

Nice Menu maker but I am kinda stuck, First in the demo you have Mega Menu mine has Div Menu in my menu maker file.

Second How to create a slide down menu vertically. I added all the code but none on the links inside the submenu wont go their respective pages

any advice is appreciated


Quick question before I purchase this: can you make the drop down submenu appear with transparency on top of image slideshow?

No Steryma You Can’t Make Transparent Sub Menus…

Beautiful job!