Mega Menu Reloaded

Mega Menu Reloaded

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This Mega Menu Reloaded comes with awesome options and is the most complete solution to build mega menus. It also works without javascript and when disabled most of the content remains accessible. Optionnal features like the contact form or the tabs can be safely removed. Getting rid of them will not affect the main functionnality of the menu.

Notice : the live preview doesn’t show all the options available for this menu, check the video for more examples.


  • 3 variants : “pushing”, “covering” and fixed
  • Column Grid System (up to 12 columns)
  • 6 jQuery Effects
  • Menu bar scroller
  • Custom Scrollbars within the drop downs
  • Inner Tabs to include more content
  • Relies mainly on CSS, improved with some javascript
  • Working AJAX Contact Form
  • Clean and attractive design
  • Complete Typography Set
  • 100% valid HTML/CSS markup
  • Uses some CSS3 magic
  • Comes with a fully working AJAX contact form
  • Cross-browser tested


  • Mouse Click (“Toggle”) – Drop downs fixed until another click
  • Mouse Hover – Drop downs disappear once the mouse is out
  • Mouse Click – Drop downs disappear once the mouse is out

For each effect, the drop downs can fade or slide.

It has been tested with all the major browsers and degrades gracefully down to IE6. Please keep in mind that some CSS3 features don’t work with old browsers like rounded corners. For more informations, please visit findmebyIP.

Compatible Browsers

  • Internet Explorer 6+ ()
  • Firefox 2+
  • Chrome 4+
  • Safari 4+
  • Opera 11.50+

() Notice : IE6 requires an additional script that improves its compatibility with some basic CSS properties. You’ll find more informations here.


03/12/2013 – Version 2.0

  • Completely rewrote megamenu.js for better performance and mobile compatibility
  • Updated the scripts in megamenu_plugins.js
  • Modified the CSS to make the menu more responsive

06/23/2012 – Version 1.41

  • Fixed an issue occurring with drop downs opened on page load in megamenu.js

05/19/2012 – Version 1.4

  • Fixed an issue with Internet Explorer in megamenu_plugins.js

05/04/2012 – Version 1.3

  • Updated megamenu_plugins.js to enable multiple usage of the custom scrollbars
  • Added the ability to use easing effects

04/17/2012 – Version 1.22

  • Added an option to hide the menu bar on page load

03/16/2012 – Version 1.21

  • Fixed a small bug that was blocking the drop downs on mobile devices

02/29/2012 – Version 1.2

  • Improved compatibility with mobile devices (modified the javascript and CSS files)
  • Improved the megamenu script

02/24/2012 – Version 1.1

  • Fixed an issue caused by the custom scrollbars (modified megamenu.js)

02/15/2012 – Version 1.0

  • Initial release

Credit Photos

Photos by Mark Sebastian