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Very nice plugin. Lots of features and good price :bigsmile: . It will be useful for my site.


Thank you for attention to our product. We tried our best. Hopefully it will help you and lot of other people.

Thank you.

Big set of different elements. A decent bundle. Nice work, congrats.You are rock. :)

Thank you for kind words about our product. We appreciate your opinion.

Great Work! Good Luck With Selling :)

Thank you. You too. :)

Good Work! Congratulations!

We tried our best. Thank you. :)

Hi… I am confused by what I have purchased here. The way you have advertised it, I was under the impression that I was purchasing a bundled combination of your 6 extensions combined into an “All-in-one (Full Set)” for $19. See image here:

Is that not the case? Is the purchaser of this $19 bundle not receiving “Interactive Elements”, “Grids of Posts”, “Parrallax Video Sections”, “Sliders, Tabs, Toggles”, “Interactive Maps & Charts”, and “Attention Grabbers” extenstions?

Oops nevermind! I see them all on the new tab in VC now. Great! What a deal. This should have way more than 27 sales. :)


Yes, if you buy “Mega Main Extensions – All-in-one Visual Composer Addons” version then you will get all VC addons that are available on our demo site.

Thank you for kind words about our product.

Presales question: I really like your plugin. For flip boxes, does it allow the boxes to be assigned to categories and a filter menu at the top of the page?


Unfortunately the Flipboxes can not to be assigned to categories and a filter menu at the top of the page.

Thank you.


Is it compatible with:
  • Wordpress 4.9.1?
  • WP Bakery Page Builder 5.4.5 [ formerly known as Visual Composer ] ?
  • Theme Avada ?

I’m interested in buying the full suite of addons but want to verify compatibility.

Thank you


P.S. I have raised a pre-sales support ticket as well. Seems to have been a while since someone commented here so thought I should question both channels.


Yes, our plugin is compatible with all 3 items. If you will get any problems just contact us with your question and we will help you to get rid of any incompatibility.

Thank you.

Ok, thank you. I’ll look to proceed then but you might consider updating the Compatible With and Software Version sections on the top/right of this page to help other potential future customers.

Done. :grin:

Hi – I have just isolated a problem where page scroll is broken in CHROME when this plugin is activated (no components used, just activated). Is there a way to fix this?

Now have discovered that pixels for margins render differently in IE and Chrome with this plugin. (e.g. Features). With base VC everything renders exact.


We are do not see different rendering in different browsers on our demo site –

Can you please show us an example (Link to the page where we can find bug)? We will check it in different browsers.

Thank you.

Hi MegaMain – I will create demo of problem and email you directly.

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с уважением и спасибо за ответ


the plugin does not work properly as advertised in the demo. You can test this by installing it yourself on a current and newly installed platform. Under these conditions, the plug-in is not completely usable. There is no way to edit data in the backend as shown in the demo. Visual Composer does not integrate the plugin either. Please tell me how to proceed. Maybe Money back?

Попробуйте новую установку Wordpress и PlugIn самостоятельно с текущей версией Visual Composer. Тогда вы заметите, что этот PlugIn несовместим. Кажется, это PlugIn устарело. Поэтому PlugIn не так полезен, как продемонстрировал в демо.

Greats, René

What is the correct Visual Composer?

This? Or this?

Maybe I’m using the wrong one and that’s why your plugin does not integrate?


I apologize for delay from our side.

We just replied to your email request. Please do not duplicate your question in all possible places. This slows down the answer to your question.

1) Our plugin is addon for WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress (formerly Visual Composer) –

2) We just checked again. Our plugin is compatible with latest version of Visual Composer and WordPress.

Please continue correspondence with us by Email.

Thank you.

Hi there, the toggle element does not show all the content I have added to it. It just shows first 3 items and the rest are not visible on front end. Any suggestions. Urgent help needed.


Please contact us in one of following ways and provide temporary admin access and link to the page where we can see example of the problem.

- Support request form. - Contact form in the sidebar.

Thank you.

No Update since 14 April 17 Did this plugin is still alive ?