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cpcd82 Purchased

Do you have a tutorial? yesterday, I bought your product, but I can´t install It in my page. I use Divi, from Elegant Themes

What exactly is the problem you are encountering? Did you install it via wp-admin or via ftp?


netpox Purchased

I’m trying to use it in Woocommerce product description but doesn’t seem to work there, only works in posts and pages.

Sorry you are experiencing that. We will look into it and get back to you.

I’m trying to create a countdown timer that will count from < 1min. and repeat over and over again. (similar to the circular countdown timer just below the header image on this site: https://www.humancoalition.org/). Does this plugin give me that ability?

Hello. Unfortunately, it’s not possible. The timer will refresh only after the page refresh. However, we might be able to add this feature for a little extra compensation as custom work.

Hi, you mentioned that you might be able to do some customization for extra compensation. I was wondering about integrating the timer for individual users. It would show the amount of time the user watched a video. I look forward to hearing from you.

Hello, we will get back to you about this on Monday. You could send a website you want this for, meanwhile. What video player are you using? Please email@dayes.co

HI does the plugin work within a Woocommerce single product page? Does it use a shortcode? Thanks for the info.

Hello. It uses a shortcode, so it should be possible to insert it into woocommerce single product page as well.

Works with ip address and cookies and email integrated?... Like DeadLineFunnel.com

Can I embed to everywhere pages?

Hello, it works currently only with cookies, not IP. Email is not integrated.

You can place it where you want with a shortcode.

Hello team, Could I use this plugin to make task timer , example: to do article ordering in 7 days or give help someone in 7 days?

Hello. Please explain better and in more details.

I need a countdown that counts down to the next hour then repeats. But only from 9am to 9pm. Will this plugin do that?

Sorry, it’s not possible

Please ask your questions at the new support center https://wow-affect.com/support/

Hey The plugin is not working with Genesis theme. Also, there is no calendar to set the countdown timer. I would like to refund this item & other one (Ultimate model).

@Dayes I have already purchased other working plugin. I have put a request for refund. Kindly process that,

@Dayes Waiting for an update on this.

OK, we will take care of this.


I just bought your plugin Mega CountDown. But I can’t use it as I have intended.

- The countdown type “to date” does not allow to set a specific time on that date. Only “day”, “month”, “year”!

- Updating of existing countdowns does not work

- Dublicating of existing countdowns does not work

- The feature “Countdown type: Amount” is nice but would be good to be able to count to a specific date/time. Not always start from beginning when page is reloaded.

Please give me my money back.

Thanks in advance!

Regards Christian

Hello 1. You can install only “day”, “month”, “year”. Set the date. Then, you can hide anything in the style settings, 2. Updating and Dublicating have to work 3. You can use cookie in feature “Countdown type: Amount” -> Amount with cookies

Thanks. It’s possible that it’s because of my specific theme. Please refund the purchase price.

Please, make a request for a refund

I’m wondering if the following is possible to implement a session/logout timer:

Set countdown timer to a period of time (say 15 minutes) and place in page header so it works on all pages of the site. The timer should reset on page reload or user activity and when the time expires redirect to logout link (i.e. log the user out).

Also: Is there any function to allow the user to reset the timer without needing to reload a page? Then it would be even better because you could (I presume) show a popup when the timer expires warning the user that they will be logged out and they could retain their session by clicking on a link / button.


1. This is possible. The regular time-based timer resets on page reload and then you can enable a trigger and enter your redirect url. Not sure though what kind of link exactly should it be to log the user out.

2. Sorry, this is not possible.

hi, where is the manual for this plugin? I would like to see all the settings and how they work. Thanks.

Sorry, But at the moment, documentation is preparing

I use the DIVI theme in wp and Divi overrides most of Mega Countdown’s custom styling. Is there a styling css class associated with each countdown ID that could be put in Divi’s custom css class area? or some other fix?

Can you show page?

Also with Divi, the countdown for items does not respond at all to different time increment settings.

Where is the tutorial on how to use the the countdown time and setup modal popups like in your example page?

I figured it out.. I purchased the Ultimate Modal Windows.. however there is one thing i would like to see. I have everything setup fairly quickly which is great, but there is one slight issue. When a modal pops up, I want it to show up on every page until the user clicks “X”. Currently, even if they click “X”, the modal keeps re-appearing. I tried to use the once per session settings however then the modal only shows on one page, and then never shows up again. How can we set it to do what is needed.

At the moment this is not possible


gde2013 Purchased

I am getting an error message from chrome and the countdown shortcode does not display the timer. The message indicates and issue: “Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier at script-3.js:1”

Any hints?

Can you show the page?

Hi, I would like to have this http://i.imgur.com/RDKfQaX.png , what I have to buy? Hope you can help me.


Thanks, looking in your plugins, can I use Ultimate Modal Windows instead Ulti Forms Form Builder for the same little window? and get the same result?

I’m a very sorry. I made a mistake. You have to use Ultimate Modal Windows and Mega Countdown