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Hello, the plugin is not working, I cannot edit the countdown layout.

Now I cannot activate the plugin, please help

Please, try activate again

working, thanks

Sorry. We updated plugin and fixed error. Please, download plugin http://wow-company.com/plug/mega-countdown-v-3-0-1.zip and update via FTP

I was refund for not working stable

Hi, I’m looking for a countdown timer with specific needs. THe timer needs to count down a specific time from the first time he enteres a page. On refresh the counter may refresh but when the user swithces to another app or programm nd returns to the browser the time must have continued to count down. When the timer hits zero it must be able to trigger an action like showing text or opening another page in another tab. Also when the user is away the trigger must go off so when the user returns the text is alreasy visible or the page in the other tab is already opend. Can this plugin do this?

Sorry, but no


I’m looking for a wordpress widget that would do the following: - Count up numbers at intervals i choose. Let’s say start from 1000000 and increase number by 1 in every 10 seconds or by 6 in every minute. - Numbers don’t reset.

Can this plugin do it?

I think that the plugin is partially suitable. He does what you describe, but if the visitor left the site, then the last number is remembered.

hi, doest it support RTL and Arabic numeric?

Hello. Sorry, but no

Hi, only 1 instance for countdown appears on the page. We need it above every button, 6 times on the same page. How can we do this?

Hello. You can dublicate a countdown 6 times and insert a 6 shortcodes

the countdown shows above the first button, but doesn’t above the second button https://us.christian-simpson.com/eett2018/

You must use the other countdown for the second button. You can duplicate countdown with ID 2 and insert a new shortcode ([mCountdown id=3]) for the second button

Hi 7fed5950-2577-4bf5-bcae-729dbc02ecec – 6 Mar 2018 REGULAR LICENSE

How do I set the countdown to a specific day and time.

So our offer runs out on Monday @ 2pm. From midday today that’s 74 hours?

Sorry, but you cannot set the countdown to a specific day and time. You can set the countdown only to date to 00:00. We will add this function to the next version of the plugin


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this plugin is not working on my website. Timer doesn’t appear. Please refund my money… thx

Can you send the link to the page with shortcode?


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I cannot find release notes? Is there one?

- Added: hours and minutes to option Date - Added: Digits after the decimal point for Amount