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Maybe you could add emoticons to your toolbar (+ the ability to add custom icons)...?

Hi, tomekchmiel
Updated and added 3 new buttons

This looks great, but I agree with tomekchmiel, as emoticons and custom icons would be a good addition

Hi, tomekchmiel
Thank you

sounds good with the extra buttons

Thank you

Hi Megatpl

it’s a pity (that) the plugin does not include Smiley.

Best regards.

Hi, 0liver2013
Updated and added Smiley button 18 Smiley


can you make a live demo please?

Also can you add a button for adding normal html?

Thanks! ;)

Hi, keyhanjun
Link has been added a preview
Yes, you can write code HTML

Does it disable HTML in comments and only allow BB code with this?

I don’t want people putting PHP code (for sure!) on my comments. But I’d like to exclude js and images too.

But I would like to be able to put links, and B, U.

Hi, redfishbluefishdesign
You can control disable button as in the picture
Mega BBCODE Editor Comment - WP plugins

Hi !

It is not responsive ! it is possible to update?


Hi LeTrading .
Is there a problem in the installation
Or in use
Please send an email with details problem

Hi Mega, installation is ok ! It works on chrome.

But on Iphone, the right frame is cut(email).

Hi LeTrading
Please send a screen of the iPhone screen to e-mail …. Thank you

wonderful design bro

Thank you

Hi there, Are there some possibilities to have own theme?

plugin works but it overriding my Jarida theme style of comments page.

Hi there, Can you tell me the name of the template and release the cause of the problem
And sorry for the late reply

This plugin is still supported? demo? Youtube url auto emebed on comment? Responsive?