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hello you do budget to build custom app

Dear camargoander
Please send us message via Envato mail with more specific information about your needs.

Hi, just purchased your item. I got problem while imported project file into Eclips. I can’t load the folder Medicine Alert, but there’s no problem when importing the ‘libs’ folder.

Dear izudin
Please follow this movie

hi so far nice app and i have tried your demo apk …so i have tested it with android 5.1.1 and alarm works but the sound does not stop after clicking turn off ….then i tried it on galaxy s3 mini with android 4.1.2 and nothing happens :( alarm no sound ..nothing happens …can you fix these issuse ?then i would like to buy the app

Dear Frankyz
We are tested the App on a few Android 4.x devices and all works correct.

Hi again ! i know it is not possible to test every smartphone :) i have HTC Desire 500 and Galaxy S3 Mini with Android 4.1.2 ..the Alarmmanager is not working on theses devices . Only works for me on Android 5.0+ yet

Dear Frankyz
We will make additional tests.

Can we import the project into Android Studio? Tested?

Dear ray9836
The App can be imported to Android Studio.

Xlitang; How did you manage to get it work in Android Studio?? Thanks for sharing.

I just purchased your code. I can’t import it into Android studio. Can you make a YouTube video as how to import it into Android studio?

Dear xlitang
We are glad it works.

That kind of change requires a significant change of code. It is unfortunately beyond the scope of CodeCanyon support.

Do you offer custom development?

Dear xlitang
We do not offer custom development services.

Whats in the new update ?

Dear darkphp
Maybe the best way is put that information in activity About.

Ah ok i see thanks :)

You are welcome :)

Dear MY-S
Make sure you include support libraries according to this movie and remember to use libs included to App’s package.


Please can I use android studio to install this app? Thanks

Because I will be using android studio for the setup when I purchase. Will I get a support for using android studio?

DearabidenewsYou can import project to Android Studio following via Android documentation:

does this support admob ads?

Dear rizve66
Yes, the App supports AdMob ads.

hello ,,, i want to remove the ads from the app could you help me please

hola quiero importar a android studio y me da error y no puedo importarlo puede proporcionarme el proyecto en android studio o indicarme como importarlo es urgente???

Tested the app. There is not sound or activity on the mobile for the alert.

I have been testing the demo. It provides sound TTS alerts very well. I want to send notification to other devices using pushbullet, IFTTT, pushover and other push notification services. How can I code it? or how much will you charge to add this to the app as a custom solution.

I want to purchase this code. Its support Android studio. Please send share your email. When new release is come.

I have purchased the code. Its not open and support Android studio 2.3.1. Please provide the Android code or steps.

Hallo, app crash… I create apk file, but the app not work. I use the eclipse 4.6.3, i import the project and i haven’t error when i create the APK, but when install in my phone, the app not work, crash

demo crashes in new android device. Is it going to be updated?


i am want android, IOS and windows app of medicine alert. can u provide . i am ready to pay your development charges

this code is not working in neither eclipse kepler nor in android studio ,having a lot of errors, and not able to debug this code.

I want to purchase this. please tell me will you provide a functionality I can change the name of the app and logo . will you guide to upload on google play store. please give me answer so i can purchase it