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Dear mahmoodmploop
There is link in description.

admob? Can you do it for IOS?

Dear claudiosouzamattos
There is AdMob implemented. iOS version will be prepared, but we cannot specify the exact date.

Will you provide android studio project or eclipse project? Thanks

Dear agiacomella
We provide Eclipse project.

interstitial ads are there ?

Dear karma_infotech
There is AdMob banner in the App.

Also interested in iOS

Dear davidlee99
iOS version will be prepared, but we cannot specify the exact date.

How edit app, its possible translate app to spanish?, regards

Dear ArthasXP
Yes, it is possible. If you want to change default language you should edit res/values/string.xml. If you want to add spanish as another language you should create res/values-es/string.xml and there put transaltion.

Follow official android documentation:

love your apps. Great design thanks bought this one also keep up the good work

Thank YOU darkphp!
We are really glad to here that, and hope we can provide even better design.

The app doesnt play sounds. could some standard alarm be played when the alarm goes off ?.

Dear darkphp
The App plays sounds. Volume of the alarm depends on media volume settings in your device.

Hi, you link for APK provides source code not the apk. do you have an apk ready for download?


never mind. my mistake. :)

I bought this code, using eclipse Luna but it is not working. Imported everything. Could you fix the code and let me know???

Dear claudiosouzamattos
We sent you answer via mail. But you should remember several things. can not be moved to another folders. Also you should use .png or .jpg graphics instead of PSD in drawable folders.

Can you send it to me again?

Dear claudiosouzamattos
We sent you the messange. If our support was helpful we will be glad if you reassess our App.

Hi where can I edit Admob code to insert my banner? I did not see this information at your documentation thanks.

Dear wcre8tive
You should end edit string AD_UNIT_ID = “YOUR_AD_ID”;

Hi, Can you customize this app for me? What will the cost be?

Dear padiel
Please, send us a message via Envato contact with specification of changes.

Hey guys have a look at my app done on Google Play

If you need customisation include insert mobileCore intertestial banners for monetize your app ask to me and I can do it for just US$ 25 including logo creation!

My skype wcre8tive or private message here thanks

how can i change the audio

Dear maher18
The App use default notification sound of your device. To change the sound you should change your device settings.


What program shall I use to open tha apk file?

Dear OnlineThemes
You should copy APK file on device with Android and you can install it.

Oki, I dont have andoid. I have iphone and mac. So its not possible to test it ?

You can test it. There are a few Android emulators on Mac

I want to order, if it has the source code for Android Studio please. In future updates would be good to add the dosages to take, think implement it?

Hi, i’m sorry, i can’t import the project to Eclipse (i’m newbie). Do you have a videotutorial please? Thanks :)

Now i get 158 erros when i try to run the app:

Can you help me please?

Hi, I install the APK and I see a link “See our Apps”, who takes to your portfolio, If I purchase it, can I delete it this link ?

Dear Bahr79
Yes, you can delete and change that link.

The App does not provide insterstitial banners.

Oki no problem, Thank you a lot :)

You are welcome :)

Hello how are you doing? Thank you my friend on the application But I want to ask you asked if allowed Is it possible that the application was trying to something else not related to the idea of the application? I want to put a quote in 1000 and runs every hour and the text comes out Attention Is it possible that the application and turn to this idea? Is there a database of quotations application I add them?

Dear haitham87
Could you send us mail via Envato message with explanation step by step what is your purpose.

hi i send msg for your email

Dear haitham87
We sent a reply. Did you get it?

Hi, I purchased your code but when I try to import into Eclipse, I get a message: Could not import project “SplashActivity” the name is already in use.

and I never get a chance to import into IDE.

Dear netzela
You can edit name of project in column “New Project Name”.

Hi, I want to buy this app but I send you email asking about something and no reply from you … Please reply back as soon as you can. My email:


Dear bbitar
We sent you reply.

I’m trying to import the project from this folder Medicine Alert on Eclipse but can not find me the project. Will I you help?

Dear pacoc
Try to follow this movie