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fantastic work, all the best for your sales ;)

Thank you

You can add ads

There is a new update with some features, please keep up to date Thank you bro

hi. Android studio?

and is possible add google analytics? (can you do it?)

Yes its android studio , yes i can do that please contact me at khaled.y.moh@gmail.com

I’m using an Instagram profile link to download images from your app but it keeps saying that “Invalid URL” what’s wrong with it, the link is like: “https://www.instagram.com/itsashbenzo/”.

this is a profile , MediaSaver allows you to copy only images and videos URLs not profiles URLs

Ohh dang! Great work btw.

There is only documentation in download file

We are sorry about that , don’t worry , this problem is from the market and it’s simple to solve , contact me khaled.y.moh@gmail.com and send me the order number to send the full files to you

hey, great work … what about Admob? and how i can add it? thanks

Thank you , you can add ads easliy see app documentation to add it

Can you delete any image in the view after you download it?

No currently you can’t , i am planning to add this feature in the next update.

hi can i push app in google play is acsept

Yes , you can publish it in google play without any problems

Hello, I’m having problems with Google Analytics within the app. Shows the real-time user, but nothing is going to reports. Documentation has nothing very specific about Google Analytics, there is only one file, very, very, very simple. Already published in the Play Store and I am making the disclosure and must have access to this data.

You won’t be able to see the user on the dashboard instantly due to slight delay in google analytics. You will have to wait for 2-3 mins to see the users on the dashboard. If no users are displayed, make sure that you followed the documentation steps correctly

Follow the documentation, it is not detailed, I could not corriji the problem, I can see the users in real time but no report is generated, even after 24 hours, it is as if the app does not generate any information to Google Analytics, however migrated for Firebase Analytics and is working well. And I have a tip for the next update, add an activity asking the user if he wants to review the app in the store. Another very interesting thing would be what has been said, the option to delete the pictures and videos downloaded directly from the app without the need to go to the smartphone gallery or file manager. Thanks!

This app is very interesting… I try the demo.. if I download an image it work fine, but when I download a video, the video that downloaded not directly show in app. I should close app and open again and the video just show up..

And why the image and video only saved in SD Card and not appear in gallery?

Can you fix this? Thanks

I’m Sorry for the delayed response , if you download media using paste URL , it will show up immediately without close app you can see all downloaded media from app , next update i will work for this feature thank you

I have a couple of questions. 1. How do I change the folder name in the Gallery in where the photos and videos are stored? 2. How do I disable notifications. 3. Is Google Cloud Messaging service (GCM) implemented in the app already? 4. This is a suggestion for your next release. When holding the photo or video from the app for a couple of seconds, an option appears asking if you want to delete the photo or video. Is this possible to implement?

Thank you

I am still waiting for your reply. Thank you

I’m so so sorry for the delayed response 1- you can see your downloaded media from app itself , you don’t need open gallery to see what you download 2- next update i will crate option to disable notification 3- No , why you need GCM ? 4 – yes your suggestions helpful for everyone 5- Yes i will do it

thanks man for you suggestions


selle Purchased

Hello, receiving error in android studio:

Error:A problem was found with the configuration of task ’:app:checkDebugManifest’. > File ‘path\codecanyon-17675347-mediasaver-download-images-and-videos-from-instagram-admob\MediaSaver\app\src\main\AndroidManifest.xml’ specified for property ‘manifest’ does not exist.

note: I added “path” in place of my real files

please send me email with screenshot khaled.y.moh@gmail.com

Nice app , just i want ask you about the ads , Can i control the number of appearance.

No , there are two types of ads thanks


abed77 Purchased

hello, Nice work but I do not find package name ? can you tell me where is it ?

Hello , what do you mean by package name ?

Hi, i want really purchase this app, but when i test it, the code show error ‘INSTAL_FAILED_OLDER_SDK’ ?

App made in android studio or eclipse?

android studio

there is any update for this app ?


Any updates? Download of Albuns (mutiple photos/videos in a post)?

Hello , does it supports multiple downloads ? i noticed that there isn’t a “delete” button in app to delete what you don’t need anymore ! please fix it and i’ll buy it right now